Just finish configuring

Does anyone have some awesome channels I can follow? Still finding my way around it all!

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@idanoo There's a bunch of interesting channels over at They're also here on the fediverse at @tilvids I just wish there was somewhere you could easily see all of their channels listed though, rather than having to browse individual videos and try to track down the separate channels from there.

Some of my other subscriptions:

#Peertube #Tilvids #pine64

@Blort @idanoo

One useful tool is the RSS feed that comes with PeerTube. This is the link for the "Recently Added" section on TILvids.

@tilvids @idanoo

Yeah, that shows me the recent videos. What I'm after though is just a simple list of what people or channels exist on TILvids. This is probably a request better upstreamed to Peertube, though, as really every instance should have an easy way to see this (possibly with an option for creators to opt out).

@idanoo @Blort

Excellent, have fun watching! I think we're up to almost 800 videos!

@idanoo 😂 I went to follow your channel....

No, really, I did. Subscribers appear to be locked though. I would blame it on my own instance but I added Jupiter Broadcasting and it worked just fine.

Looking forward to listening to Kaitia Life anyway.

@masonbee Hmm I'll have a look and see what's going on, thanks though!

@masonbee Hmm just tested from another instance and seemed to work.. May have been some weird config the other day 😂

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