How is it possible that I'm only discovering usenet now?!

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@idanoo Back in the day, the group for pizza delivery drivers was the funniest thing on the Internet.

@pineapple Hahaha I'm still figuring out that side of it. Currently just using it for media content at the moment. That sounds hilarious. Found a post (is that what they're called?!) about our local parking wardens.. Pretty colorful language heh

@idanoo I started using it when ISPs like aol/earthlink/juno/prodigy still provided access to usenet because, well, that's what ISPs used to do; provided access to internet protocols. I never used it like the bb system it was though. I got into it later when it became the popular way to find warez. To this day it's still my preferred method of downloading content.

@unicornfarts Yeah I've recently switched my content sources and its pretty good, speeds are pretty decent too. Still figuring it out properly, but I'm liking it

@idanoo @unicornfarts well, I was today years old when I found out about it so you're not alone.

@idanoo are you using a subscription service or block account, or both?

@idanoo speaking of usenet.. looks like EVO has the first couple of Bill and Ted Face the Music encodes up. *click*

@unicornfarts uhh I think subscription?. Friend linked a really cheap deal so figured I'd give it a go

@idanoo Nice. If you start encountering failed downloads/lack of article completion. It is likely due to automated DMCA takedown requests, especially if you're trying to get older posts. A good way to minimize failed downloads in this case is to have a primary account on one usenet backbone, and a secondary account with another provider on a different backbone as a fill server. People who download more than I do have an unlimited subscription as a primary, and a block secondary for fills.

@idanoo here is some good info describing the backbone stuff:

info might be outdated but the concepts still hold true.

a block account is a usenet provider who sells a block of non-expiring bandwidth, instead of monthly/annual subscriptions. that makes them ideal for fill servers. As I don't download as much these days, I get by with two block accounts and no subscriptions.

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