Has anyone upgraded to Android 11 Beta yet?

I like flashy new things, but not sure on the stability whether half of my apps are going to stop working :/

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End of day 2 on Android 11: No issues yet. Pixel 3XL.

Taking a screenshot is now a pain, though.

@Ptang Alright one positive response is all I need! Thanks!

@Ptang Wow.. this is the most stable beta release I've used in a long time.


Agreed. Never saw a beta version download and install as quickly as 11.

However, since I feel responsible for getting you onboard, I was surprised to discover on day 3 that you can't use contactless Google Pay while in beta. It's unfortunate because it's a feature I use occasionally, but so far, the only thing I've found that's "broken".

@Ptang Ah that's good to know, I don't use it often but I guess it's something they can't risk being buggy


They just pushed an update in the US they say fixes the contactless pay feature in Google Pay. Glad they're on top of bug fixes.

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