With Mastodon having a few years under it's belt now, how are your friends/family reacting to you using it vs. the traditional social media outlets? Have you been able to convince anyone to come over and check it out or start using it exclusively? What are the arguments that you're hearing for using Facebook/IG/Twitter, etc. over Mastodon?

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I'm slowly working on converting people 😈 Still trying to figure out the best way to natively grow this instance. I've found so many new friends and people I like to follow on here though!

A lot of people don't like the idea that an admin can pack up shop and they can lose everything they've done on that instane. I'm trying to help change their mindset and understand that you shouldn't rely on this stuff regardless of it being mastodon, FB, IG, etc.

I stil have a FB account. Purely for messaging a select few I don't want to lose contact with and haven't switched to anything else.

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