Just logged into fbook for the first time in ages and it's just people complaining about 5g towers going up and linking to the pandemic..... Aaaaaaaaaaaah, never logged out so quick. Only have it to keep in contact with people overseas who refuse to switch :(

So many linux package upgrades at the moment. All of the maintainers and their free time to update stuff 😅

Pet peeve: Boomerang videos.

Maybe I'm just getting old and don't get it.. But it seems completely pointless and slightly irritates me :/

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It's been way too long since I've picked up the camera and spent time messing around. With 4 weeks in lockdown, I'm going to start posting a picture a day to try improve my photography

Day 1 - Attempting flash w/ long exposures

30" f/4.0 19mm ISO200

#LockdownChallenge #800D

Going to try take a photo a day while working from home to keep things interesting, starting tomorrow! pixelfed.nz/idanoo

Going to setup the old radio this week, hopefully it still works!

NZ to go into full isolation except necessary services within 48 hours. O.o

Got folding@home setup! I should probably join a team.. or create one 🤔

I really enjoy finding FOSS alternatives to handy apps. I usually travel light and never carry store cards around.. tried Google Pay's storecard thingy but not a huge fan of feeding them more data so trying out Loyalty Card Keychain from F-droid. So far so good!

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One of the best decisions I made was to deactivate those 'read receipts', aka blue ticks, from the IM apps that I use. Not only people stopped asking me for an answer right away but also I stopped waiting for other people's answers as soon as the ticks went blue. #MentalHealth

Android 11 Developer preview just dropped, interested to see what's new 🙀


Just passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam 🎉 Time to climb the cert ladder

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I have to say.. Not connecting this instance to a bunch of relays has severely improved my experience. Previously it would be flooded with pure crap :/

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Finally found some time to setup mastodon.nz :) Just need to finish tweaking a few things!

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