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With the Omicron Variant on the rise, Locations of Interest in New Zealand are again important to keep an eye on.
However, a Twitter feed, or constantly refreshing the Ministry of Health website is not ideal.

To counter this, I created an RSS feed:

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Has anyone else seen an uptake of mastodon accounts created with the as the email domain?

Looks like it just converts emails to RSS feeds so not malicious in itself.. but not sure if these are a legitimate use case or not

Best thing about coming to the end of the year? All these companies like to send out email newsletters. Perfect time to unsubscribe from everything!

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As most of you already know, Matrix is a decentralised means of communication.
Most people register on, which is great, but defies the point of decentralisation.
To remedy this, try to register on another server. I am on, which is absolutely great! Highly recommended!


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I really enjoy it here. It feels very authentic, the people are real, their toots are real. Very little toxicity.

Thank You all for being yourselves and being so nice.

Also, I have met quite a few friends here, good ones, ones I'll probably be friends with for the rest of my life.

Hayfever is wild this spring. I always forget which antihistamine actually works for me too. Looks like it's Loratadine 🤷‍♂️

Fun fact of the day!

If you enable iptables without defining an anti-lockout rule (e.g ssh from your IP). You're going to have a bad time.

Does anyone know of any interesting RSS feeds I can add?

Looking for anything funny, interesting, tech, electronics, radio related to expand my collection

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I... would any one on fedi want to design a logo for me? For a photography hobby (which I do sell the odd image from) I am prepared to pay but don't want to be insulting by offering too little, as I don't have any idea what it would be worth.
Logo/name is "swansinlflight" (surprise!), and am open to ideas/suggestions.
Welcome boosts, or DMs about this. Thanks everyone.

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I just realized it's been over a year since I deleted Facebook. And honestly I haven't really thought much of it since then..

It's such a prime example of a horrible company, doing all the things I just can't stand for.

I encurage everyone I to do the same, just get rid of that damn thing.

#deletefacebok #badcompany #surveilance #privacy

I've hit that age where I can spend money on quality tools/gadgets and actually look after them and not loose bits and pieces.

I bought a new cordless drill today and finally put a bunch of ethernet cables under the floor 😄

And with a bit of tinkering.. we now have an IPv6 enabled instance (Along with + \o/

Just finished moving and onto a new server. There was a fair bit of data to move around 😅

I've just decommissioned

There was way too much spam/admin involved for what I got out of it. It's definitely got potential as a platform. However, even with email verification I still had >100 spam accounts created to maybe 2-3 real ones.

Attempting to revive a dead Fossil smartwatch. The charging rings underneath fell off so glued them on but died shortly after

Hooked it up to 'life support' and can see it pulling current so now we wait!

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I now have #ZFS on a drive in #Manjaro woohoo!

I actually thought creating a pool and importing it etc, would be way harder. Turns out the hard part was working out a bunch of services needed to be enabled for it to mount on boot. But now it does!
So stoked, single drive for now, but will be mirrored shortly when funds allow. Unfortunately had to replace immediately due to old drive being on its way out.

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