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It's probably time I did an .

I'm Dan, currently in Auckland trying to grind my way out of the city life :laserkiwi:

I'm a Site Reliability Engineer for work, Pilot for hobby and a solo dad. I have a cockatiel :blobcockatiel: Probably drink way too much as well.

I started in Jan 2020 to see what it was all about, now here we are!


Grind some fresh coffee.. tamp it.. make it.. go to grab milk.. get distracted.. come back.. it's cold coffee aaaaaaaaaaa

Oh yeah I now have the too

Lets play another game of of "Does my kid have the spicy cough or just another flu". His teacher tested positive on Thursday 🙃

How is it 2022 and people still have horrible microphone issues on online calls/meetings

I should take more Mondays off. It's such a chill day with the crap weather outside 😇

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RT @shodanhq
The Shodan Membership is on sale now for $5 until the end of Sunday, July 17th (GMT):

It should be fine 🤞 Going to try the new SH1 Hamilton Bypass and see how it fares to the old SH27/Matamata route. Hopefully a bit smoother

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Doing a lil road trip on Wed from Auckland to Rotorua to surprise my kid for his birthday with a home made cake. (He's visiting family during school holidays). Have just finished checking the car over - full tank, oil, water, tyres, etc, etc. I should do this more often.

The real question is will my car make the round trip 😂

Coffee appears to be more of a relaxant than an upper at the moment. New coffee machine is life changing

First clear sky I've seen in a long time! I feel like I should make the most of it.. hmm

Well that was a wet windy journey over the bridge 😅

Think I'm finally on the other side of this flu/cold thing. Has not been a fun week :/

Flipper Zero back in stock... They don't ship to NZ :(

KawaiiCon live stream link!

NZ Hacker / Security Convention :)

New life motto - Stressed, depressed and doing my best :laserkiwi:

I'm so ready for the long weekend, it couldn't have come at a better time really :laserkiwi:

36 hours of bug hunting some critical issue in the backend. Turns out to be one line of javascript causing it 😠

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@idanoo @swansinflight @runoutgroover

Did you say enchilada?
And do you drink cheap champagne?
Are you not into pizza?
Do you prefer chocolate cake?
If you like snackin' right at midnight
From the fridge we can take
All the goodies we've looked for
Come with me and we'll raid*

*The fridge, obviously. 😎

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@idanoo I mean, I’m all for ending the week on a high, but I’m not sure high error rates and high response times is quite the way to go 🤦‍♀️

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