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New Zealand/Wellington/ Hutt Valley based, working in the education sector.

to a 4 year old. So...

Volunteer Medic with .

Researching the history of the early in to reclaim my heritage (I'm also @WellingtonChineseHistory)

(Love to get back into 35mm & medium format)


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One thing I may struggle with on Mastodon, as the Dad to a preschooler, is saying that "I tooted" without giggling.

This week at the Presbyterian Archives is proving interesting:
* Te Wharemaire is telling us to move our boxes from one of their offices we were using for storage.
* The Archivist is working from home for being Covid-adjacent; and it looks like the 7-day isolation just reset this evening!
* After a good day the retired Curator of Photographs had a sudden health failure and passed away.
Whatever next!?

Anyone know what this error message means? Photos can open the file—I literally see it open. The only problem is the error message obscuring the view.

And the file was fine last week.

30 June 1919 Rangitikei Advocate and Manawatu Argus Advertisements: GEE LONG BRIDGE ST., BULLS, FRUITERER AND CONFECTIONERY. VEGETABLE GROCER. Te Aro Seed Coy. Agency China Silks always on hand

There are 2,000 black-and-white photos that even the locals in Guangzhou have never seen before, lying quietly in the Presbyterian Research Centre library of Knox College in Dunedin, New Zealand, unknown to anyone. Who are these photos from? And why did you leave Guangzhou and leave the country? The vicissitudes of life, a hundred years have passed, and the historical stories behind the photos are rediscovered by chance.


Covid-19: Nurse's dismissal for anti-vax social media posts 'justified'.
A Wairarapa nurse Amanda Turner's claim of unjustified dismissal after posting “professionally inappropriate” and anti-vax messages on Facebook has been knocked back by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA).

Registered palliative care nurse

Artist Bev Moon created Fortune, a knitted Yum Cha feast, in memory of her mother Yip Sue Yen and grandmother Lee Choy Kee who were “both superb cooks, especially of yum cha, and knitters too”.

Joe and Joe, located at 11 The Square and 197 Cuba Street, Palmerston North, was listed on page 45 of the 1944 Wellington Provincial Trades Directory under the category Fruiterers, Confectioners and Greengrocers.

5 Nov 2022 - 23 Jan 2023 at Whirinaki Whare Taonga, Upper Hutt: Bev Moon has created a yum cha feast, not of food, but lovingly knitted wool. Fortune is the artist’s tribute to her mother and grandmother who faced great obstacles to settle in New Zealand

USpol. NZPOL. Women's Health. 

Would be interested to hear what his thought process was when he posted it in the first place.

The Supreme Court has ruled Family First does not qualify for charitable status, saying the group's work is not compatible with charity.

Tung Son was a Fruit and vegetable store listed on page 1250 of the 1913 International Chinese business directory of the world at 183 Adelaide Road in Newtown, Wellington

Wellington Chinese History is based around a wiki page, which contributes to other projects 🎉

You can support by buying a book 📖 (or to pay for digitisation of an archive) here —

My Nan was tangata whenua from Taranaki, Waikato and Whanganui. My Goong Goong was from Long Gai, Guangzhou, China. Nan and Goong didn’t tell me any kūmara stories but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have one, writes Mei-Lin Te Puea Hansen

daddy levels are holding at 23%

(23%) ■■□□□□□□□□

mismanagement levels are 82% and rising

(82%) ■■■■■■■■□□

tests are showing respect levels at 07%

(07%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Your first mistake was stealing our article (and running it through a script to get around copyright claims). Your second mistake was hotlinking our images. Time to exact some revenge.

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