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New Zealand/Wellington/ Hutt Valley based, working in the education sector.

to a 4 year old. So...

Volunteer Medic with .

Researching the history of the early in to reclaim my heritage (I'm also @WellingtonChineseHistory)

(Love to get back into 35mm & medium format)


, , some & , no

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One thing I may struggle with on Mastodon, as the Dad to a preschooler, is saying that "I tooted" without giggling.

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1958 Street view of Lambton Quay, Wellington, including building of Gresham Hotel, Norman Gee gift shop and Copp and Williams Ltd

Do you have any Panasonic BluRay Asses?
Please sir, this is a Salvation Army Family Store!

Bubs has just started saying the phrase "I love you sweetheart" to me.

Asian Migration: Our Stories - Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. Vanessa Mei Crofskey leads an exciting panel of phenomenal Asian creatives around the theme ‘Asian Migration: Our Stories’, inspired by artist Yona Lee’s In Transit series

The entertainment during my walk to work along the Wellington waterfront this morning was provided by the person who stepped in a huge pool of vomit they didn't see because they were looking at their phone and the person who stepped into a huge dog turd they didn't see because they were looking at their phone.

I was in a meeting and kind of drifted off until someone was talking about "Clothes off dates". It took me five minutes to realise they were talking about "Close off dates". I was both relieved and disappointed!

Whoops, I think we’re racist:
Launching Pae Korokī, rethinking access, metadata, treaty partnerships, and the universe next door.
Harley Couper, Heritage Specialist, and Elisha Rolleston, Archivist and Researcher, Tauranga City Libraries

Received an SMS asking me to reset my Instagram password. I never gave my number to Facebook or Instagram, so I smell a scam. The domain they use is

From Guangdong To Aotearoa an oral history exhibition by Sue Gee. Using images, sound-bites & text, this 2016 exhibition followed the journey of six New Zealand born Chinese as they traced their ancestral roots back to Guangdong, South China.

Weirdly this fake list has 13 channels, call that a Chantelle Bakers dozen.

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