It seems somewhat fitting after the Australian animal conversation we've had here that the inaugural Australian Mammal of the Year poll has just opened. 😂 👀

@explorergrace I don’t get a vote but Go Echidnas you wonderful weirdos!

@swansinflight @idanoo @runoutgroover BTW, you can sing
"Did you say en-chi-lada?" to the tune of "If you like piña coladas" 👍

I gift this earworm to you and you're welcome :partyparrot:


@idanoo @swansinflight @runoutgroover

Did you say enchilada?
And do you drink cheap champagne?
Are you not into pizza?
Do you prefer chocolate cake?
If you like snackin' right at midnight
From the fridge we can take
All the goodies we've looked for
Come with me and we'll raid*

*The fridge, obviously. 😎

@swansinflight @explorergrace @idanoo @runoutgroover I’ve just been sitting here contemplating the week that was. Thinking my brain feels all over the place. Then I found this thread and somehow I feel right at home 🤣

@Inquizitif1 @swansinflight @explorergrace @runoutgroover 😆 It's a short week next week.. hopefully can close everything off and relax

@idanoo @swansinflight @explorergrace @runoutgroover Thankfully I managed to get a lot of things tidied up today so hopefully I will be relaxing this weekend too!

@Inquizitif1 @swansinflight @idanoo @runoutgroover @explorergrace ta for the reminder that it’s a short week. I never know until they creep up on me. I have one or two things I need to sort by Thursday.

@heyrochelle @swansinflight @idanoo @runoutgroover @explorergrace I somehow managed to gain two short weeks coming up as I have the Friday and Monday off. I don’t necessarily recall planning that specifically but I’m not complaining!

@explorergrace @swansinflight @idanoo @runoutgroover It’s just such a journey, Aussie Mammals, Mexican food, the piña colada song (including food raid rendition) and now holiday weekends! Yet somehow given how my week has gone it all makes perfect sense 😂

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