@explorergrace Did you select a language that filtered out English? 😂 Or did I break something?!

@runoutgroover @explorergrace oh no. I haven't touched anything in the last 6 hours!

@idanoo @runoutgroover It's weird because it is only the "Home" timeline. Everything else is fine! 🤷‍♀️

@explorergrace @runoutgroover Alright.. let me reboot and see if it magically works.. standby!

@idanoo @runoutgroover I can see new toots coming in, just everything prior to my complaint toot is empty. Huh. Weird.

@idanoo @runoutgroover ....and now I can scroll endlessly again and all the toots are there. How odd. Shark biting a cable somewhere again? 🦈 :laserkiwi:

@runoutgroover @explorergrace I just ran some magic command that "Regenerates home timelines". No idea where they went though.. :laserkiwi:

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