It's been a bit of a difficult week for a lot of people :birdheart:

I wanted to do something positive to end the week and apparently my stress response is to plant trees, so I've just added 350 mangroves to my Tree Nation Forest.

One for every member of (there's 341 of us now! 😱 ) rounded up.

Pew Pew Pew! :laserkiwi: :laserkiwi: :laserkiwi:

I don't know what the carbon cost of running a Mastodon instance is, but it's also 7000kg of CO2 offset, as well as helping restore mangroves in Madagascar.

🌱 🌲


@explorergrace I don't know if there are any conversion tools out there! But we're averaging 75watts~ at the moment (spike was intense migration heh)

@idanoo 🧐

Huh. I just did a very basic attempted conversion using some tools on the web. If I'm calculating it correctly (who knows??), the carbon cost of the .nz server would be approximately 180kg per year. So at 7000kg offset, I think we're looking good even if I am way off! 👍

@explorergrace Sounds like we need to scale some more 😉 Thoughts on adding ourselves to (There isn't a lot on there and it's on the app homepage so would be a huge boost)

@idanoo 👍

Hmmm my only concern with adding ourselves to is what if we get a massive influx? Moreso than the last week. 😂

I assume admin would just boot anyone who was an asshole or spamming the place, but would that create a huge amount of extra work for you?

@explorergrace We definitely have the capacity, can always cap registrations if need be. Moderation should be okay, there are 3 of us and open to adding more as needed!

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