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A tiny poem for your Friday

Dawn 🌄

The early bird
Does not need
To get the worm
Sometimes it is enough
Just to see the light
And to sing


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I suppose I should do an 👋

I'm a postgrad student doing my MA in military history & learning to fly, on top of my day job. Love all things maritime, aviation or train related & also storytelling (writing, choreography, etc). I'm a keen traveller when the world allows & try to make the most of my own backyard (NZ /Oz) when it doesn't. Oh, and I love trees. Those who know me from twitter can tell you how much I love trees! 🌲 🍃 🌱 💚

I overuse emoji & I regret nothing.😎

Mōrena fedi friends :laserkiwi:

Happy Friday/Friday Eve (depending on your timezone)


I saw the lamplight
In your eyes
And the moon
On your back in the night
I watched the curtains dance
Like you and I at a ball
And I remembered
The first time you took my hand
And how we ended up here
I could never sleep
Beside someone
Something always kept me
But here I am
Not ready to close my eyes
Only because
I cannot bear
To tear them from you
For a single second
And that is how I
Find my rest
With my hand
On the small
Of your back

Poem incoming! Today's was"curtains dancing in the breeze"

As always, feel free to steal this prompt if it's of use to you. 🙂

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It is a wine, words and choreography night, methinks 🍷

Maybe some smol plane assembly, also 😁

There are those who are afraid
To get too close
To the edge of the cliff
They stay safe
And I do not blame them
Nor do I envy them
They put up fences
To keep others safe
And I understand this too
Still I climb
Or crawl
I understand "safety"
But I will never be satisfied
Not knowing
What the view is like
From the edge

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The silence
That rides
With the lonesome wind
Your place
And time

And the thoughts
The regrets
For what might have been
Your sleep

#MastoPrompt #SmallPoems #Poetry #Lonesome

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From New Zealand Poet Laureate Chris Tse, on

A month or so ago I was approached to write a poem for New Zealand Chinese Language Week. I declined and set out my reasons. There were more messages exchanged about the benefits of promoting/learning Mandarin; nothing about meaningful change to include other Chinese languages.

I just saw it with a full cinema of much older people, and it was a very emotional crowd.

There is so much churning in my head that I just cannot put into words so I'll leave it there for now. But if you get a chance to see "Lancaster", do. It's a masterpiece.

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I know I keep harping on about this film, but "Lancaster" is quite special. It's not just about an extraordinary aircraft that should never have had to exist, and the people that flew them. It is the best kind of military history: about people, not statistics, and the reality and horror of war. It really makes you think, ask difficult questions, and understand that there aren't always easy answers.

The feets! 😍

Cassowaries are basically velociraptors and I love them with my whole heart. 🥰

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Happy World Cassowary Day to my favourite prehistoric murderbird! 🥰😍

I just pulled a from the jar because I probably can't sleep thanks to the stupid clock change so I may as well have something more interesting to contemplate than the ceiling. Feel free to use this prompt if inspiration strikes:

"Devil with a capital D"

I was
And you made me
Less alone
I was homesick
And you gave me
A taste
Of what it was like
To stand
On my home soil
I heard you speak
And I felt
Sand beneath my feet
Waves breaking
Between my toes
Wind whipping my hair
Sun blinding my eyes
I heard the sound
Of birds
Calling to each other
And to me
And I heard them
From thousands
Of miles away
And I was home
And not alone
And you'll never know
What a treasure you gave me
When you stopped to say "Hello"

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Today's #MastoPrompt for #SmallPoems #Poetry is...


The poem can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

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NZ Local Body Elections 

In case anyone hasn't got their voting sorted yet... FACT list of misinformation related candidates

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You would think that as New Zealand Chinese Language Week arrives, I would feel a sense of pride in my heritage, but actually, I feel pretty stink, writes Eda Tang

Other tips: there are a bunch of mobile apps (I use Tusky for android), and if you want a nice desktop view with spiffy columns that I personally find much easier to read, switch on "enable enhanced web interface" in your settings.

You can also follow Fedi Tips @feditips for tips and FAQ about how it all works here.

And of course, we have the best instance=specific emoji, the legendary laser kiwi! :laserkiwi:

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