Wordle 336 4/6*



I did a thing. I made a list of book series I have loved. The goal is to promote my own book (& series, when I can finish the final book). Also, I can't actually be expert enough to pick the 5 best because I haven't read EVERYTHING, plus, subjective and all that... But, still. I did a thing. You might like it.

Almost thought I'd got lucky with Affinity Publisher, as it can also insert PDFs into document... but it didn't force the inserted PDF to fit the document page size. Instead, it had odd page sizing throughout... That's not going to work. Granted, I do mix A4 and A3 pages into a LyX document for O&Ms, but that's on purpose.

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Third time lucky installing LyX on the new PC? I sure hope so. It's been a few years since I've had to do a new install, & things have *changed*... and it takes HOURS. But, so far, it's the only programme I've found to reliably compile Operations & Maintenance manuals, which involve combining PDFs into a larger PDF...

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Wordle 331 5/6*


That one felt hard won.


Doing a 2-hour Webinar I signed up for a while back.
Just under 1 hour is when the battery goes flat, now. Still listening, just less involved. No camera for me today. I'm still in my nighty in bed.


Only woke at 11am because 6yo woke me (instead of healthy dad, of course, but that's another matter).
Very unlike me to sleep right through. Must be still fighting (1st positive test last Monday). And yet, there's a part of me questioning: Really sick? Or lazy?

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Wordle 329 3/6*



Wordle 328 4/6*


I love having my office door (house back door, and only airflow for my office) open. I don't love having pea hens walk inside...

Covid. Bad language. 

Then there is the work I really should do. And the volunteer work I promised to do.

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Covid. Bad language. 

Today I feel a bit more "I'm gonna kick Covid's arse" vs yesterday's "Covid's kicking my arse". I still feel like shit. And must parent kids home from school... They're both fine, at least... but I can't drive them to school at the moment.


Wordle 327 5/6*


Illness. Covid. 

Those difficult hours when the cough/cold medication ceases to work effectively & when you can take the next dose...

Plus, I'd prefer prefer to take the next lot at bed time... Blurgh.

I wrote the book.
I commissioned the art
I laid out the paperback cover.
I designed the interior pages.

It feels awesome to have accomplished this.

It seems that my 11yo has caught Covid again; 10 weeks since first catching it. Not quite long enough between infections to allow us to get that second vaccine dose that was recommended at 12 weeks post infection... So, this is living with Covid, eh? I don't like it.

A lunchtime walk with the dog, & a moment to appreciate our valley. That's Mount Cargill ahead, Dunedin over the other side.

Ok. Well, hey . It's not about the platform, it's about the people. I just don't want to lose my people...

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