Snow shower just passed through Mosgiel. Very small snow flakes swirling about in the wind.

I still find myself humming along to Iceland’s Eurovision entry. I think it’s because the song is like a warm cozy blanket on a cold day, and today is actually a cold day.

There is also a section to set up the cross stitch fabric stash, but I don't keep any of that in storage. I tend to buy fabric when I'm ready to start a project.

I have just added my next project to the app and added in the colours that the project requires. The app told me what threads that are needed which are already in my stash, and the rest it sent to my shopping list.

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I haven't included threads that are in my current cross stitch project, it will be finished shortly, and then I will add them in after that.

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I'm really geeking out setting up my cross stitch Thread Stash App. I paid for the premium option (was only $3). I've set up 75% of my threads in my stash, apart from my last box of Sullivans threads to add.

So close to finishing this cross stitch page. This pattern is yin Yang by stitchrovia.

You know how you see something while watching a floss tube channel, and then you come to realize that it exists, and then knowing you'll never be able to afford it. This is me with the DMC vintage chest containing every colour skein of floss.

You know those feline calm cat biscuits Missy was put on by the vet about 3 weeks ago, she is now no longer afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

Rainy day, so I won't be out in the garden. I have instead lots of other plans like cleaning the house, practicing both my flute and harp, and entering all my DMC floss into an cross stitch app to keep track of what I have (I think I have over 300 colours).

I like to plant garlic in May before the temperatures in Dunedin get too cold. This way they get a chance to grow their root systems before the coldest weather hits.

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Just finished planting 32 printanor garlic bulbs in the vege garden. We're due for 5 days of rain so they'll get watered in nicely.

That's enough for us to last the year. They'll be harvested around the summer solstice.


Uh, I changed my mind, Sweden instead of Australia.

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My fav 10 Eurovision finalists in no particular order:

United Kingdom

Women's Health 

In the mean time she's given me a plan for the short term. I'm quite relieved.

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Women's Health 

My specialist GP called last night, even though my appt with her wasn't till next Friday. She's seen my ultrasound result and saw all my troubles over the last couple of weeks.

She's referring me to gynecology to get some minor surgery to remove an endometrial polyp. They will also check out some other things while they are there.

Just had to pay for last week's doctors appointments (eek), and the new Kiwibank colours are sure hard on the eyes.

Or maybe it's because my eyesight is so terrible right now, I get my new glasses in two weeks.

First frost dates for Mosgiel that I've recorded from local weather stations:
2019 = 6 April 2019
2020 = 16 May 2020
2021 = 6 May 2020

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