Posting on bird-site because I'm tired and grumpy and all you fedi folk are far too lovely for my bullshit.

It's fucking rude to be in someone's home and not introduce yourself. And it rude not to give fair warning to someone you live with that you're having some fucking coward motherfucker over.

Sex Religion 

If God abhors it then why is queer sex so beautiful? To live forever in the kingdom of heaven without it would surely be it's own hell.

The fourth labour government really was something when you think you start to think about the details huh?

I showed the SI swimsuit cover with Yumi Nu to my friend who is really struggling with the way her body has changed with being sick and having crazy hormones and who has a history of ED. She was gushing over Yumi so I pointed out that her body looked similar and she really lit up. I don't like the way that it's done - but celebrating diverse bodies is important in this society.

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A gentle reminder, , to be a tidy Kiwi, no matter what your vices are.

I collected all of these disposable vapes that were scattered on the berm near the park my kid and I walk past to go to school, just this morning.

I don't ask much, but please, don't leave products with fruity-flavoured nicotine residue lying around where kids can get at them.

People will tell you that capitalism can't function if everyone is employed and has access to livable wages and it's like yea... capitalism doesn't fucking work but also it doesn't work if corporate profits are too high.

One current downside of the pinephone linux distros I've tried is that downloading messages from some people takes forever but there doesn't seem to be an apparent rhyme or reason to what it is that triggers it so I can't trouble shoot the issue. So I can see the modem is receiving a message like an hour before it arrives but it's only the case for a couple of people.

Trying to get an feel for how much money people might have saved up over the last couple of years by looking through consumer confidence figures... there must be a better measure than this.

A working class response to climate change necessitates an organised reduction in dependence on the capitalist employment relation. We must support each other to liberate our labour power for our collective benefit. To reduce our hours of paid work, to enable our revolutionary and reproductive labour potential. To achieve degrowth and regrowth from the bottom up towards a sustainable economy. This means looking at our collective budget and struggling to reduce and eliminate living costs.

A lot of our individual carbon footprints are the result of conveniences which have become necessary for us to participate in unnecessary work. Most work is either unproductive or participating in over production. If we did not do this we would be able to more easily live environmentally sustainable lives.

Only a capitalist would think to export emissions overseas in a *global* emissions crisis

My brain has rewritten the lyric 'revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin' pussy' to 'revenge is like the sweetest joy next to eatin' bussy' and it gets in my head every time I feel vengeful and makes me chuckle

I think the trick to aging well is to maintain from a young age a respect, a curiosity, and an enthusiasm for perspectives born of different material experiences than our own. Which translates in part to treating our old people how we feel they ought to treat us.

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Huge respect for and solidarity with my Allied Health colleagues out on the street striking today. The DHBs are ignoring the recommendations of the ERA and presented an insulting, piss-poor offer to the PSA union. They've ignored the most basic of complaints about the current system, and are continuing to show how little they actually care about Allied Health workers in general.

My simple emissions reduction plan is to find the mesh blocks with the highest household incomes and absolutely smash them with breath testing.


Wow, I think there a small anxious dogs with a greater grasp of political economy than this government.


Up the Allied Health Workers! Where would we all be without them?

A funny part of daily driving the pro is that I only ever have to boot up waydroid (android emulator) in order to interact with Capital.

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