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[Court-appointed special master] Garrie was attempting to get the company to provide an exhaustive, definitive accounting of where personal data might be stored in some 55 Facebook subsystems. Both veteran Facebook engineers, with according to LinkedIn two decades of experience between them, struggled to even venture what may be stored in Facebook’s subsystems. “I’m just trying to understand at the most basic level from this list what we’re looking at,” Garrie asked.

“I don’t believe there’s a single person that exists who could answer that question,” replied Eugene Zarashaw, a Facebook engineering director. “It would take a significant team effort to even be able to answer that question.”

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Happy first week back to school for all the students and educators out there!

Moving instances warrants me to write an again, so here it is: Austin, Stats/CS student at University, , , . From . Fluent in writing English/简体中文 (will mainly post in English), not so much in Français/日本語. enthusiast and occasional contributor, gained notoriety for making Barinsta. Rediscovering life again as there's now some resemblance of normalcy. Ask away!

[en] I am moving the relationships from @austin to this account.

[zh] 目前本人正在将用户关系从 @austin 迁移至本账号。

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