[en] How do you get to know (and be known by) as many people as reasonable in your university classes, WITHOUT involving social media immediately?

[zh] 在不立即依靠社交媒体的情况下,怎么能在大学课堂上尽可能多的认识别的同学/让别的同学认识我呢?


[en] It does appear that it is much difficult to acquaint people in a lecture environment as people are preoccupied with the class... So maybe clubs and social-like events are indeed necessary (or luck - got 2 friends when waiting in a line lol).

[zh] 似乎确实在讲课环境下很难认识人,毕竟人把注意力放在课业上了嘛。看来还是得靠社团和社交类活动(亦或是碰运气,我排长队都能交两个朋友)。

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