[en] How do you get to know (and be known by) as many people as reasonable in your university classes, WITHOUT involving social media immediately?

[zh] 在不立即依靠社交媒体的情况下,怎么能在大学课堂上尽可能多的认识别的同学/让别的同学认识我呢?

[en] It does appear that it is much difficult to acquaint people in a lecture environment as people are preoccupied with the class... So maybe clubs and social-like events are indeed necessary (or luck - got 2 friends when waiting in a line lol).

[zh] 似乎确实在讲课环境下很难认识人,毕竟人把注意力放在课业上了嘛。看来还是得靠社团和社交类活动(亦或是碰运气,我排长队都能交两个朋友)。

@yx_ @a
Sit at a new/different spot each time. Visit the library. Sit outdoors. Don't keep your head down swiping on your phone. Make eye contact.

@evelyn @yx_ I was asking more like "how do you strike up a convo with peers." As much as I want to socialize, I feel like I'm not really memorable when I'm approaching them myself (especially the notion that you don't exist if you're not on social media)...

@a @evelyn @yx_ Join a few clubs. And keep going to them. Introduce yourself “Hi, I’m Austin, first time here” or something like that.

@a maybe if you have anything in mind you can do together with the person you want to talk with (study group, grab coffee, etc etc) just invite them... doesn't hurt. Unfortunately unless it's in a club scenario it's kind of hard to meet a whole group of people at the same time (ofc, club could also be an option)

@evelyn @a @yx_ clubs, study/project groups and sit to different tables every time hit the cafeteria…

@woka @yx_ Club activities haven't started yet but definitely will look into that, but like, sitting in different spots in class/cafe... Could you really start a meaningful (ie. beyond greetings) conversation with some random peers?

@a @woka Good luck... I mean it depends. I personally won't sit in different spots all the time, and I would try to befriend people near me if I want to, and sometimes it works (granted, I do have social issues... so take it with a pinch of salt...) Do whatever works best for you I guess--it's important that you feel comfortable in the process. For meaningful conversations, I think it takes time to get there. Greetings are the first step I think x)

@yx_ @a agree. It depends and most of the time, "luck" is the most important factor.
@a @yx_ well of course I won't start a meaningful conversation right after I sit down. But it's a start that you will have better chances to "meet" different people. Will that lead to something more than just a nod and "hello", that really depends. But if you always sit at a regular spot and keep your head down, then you are doing "姜太公钓鱼” and your chances are probably next to zero.

@a @evelyn @yx_ All my life I've been like that, now I'm around 40 I basically decided to give zero fucks. I am more chill, ignore my anxiety (hard to actually do) and just talk to people. I have become more curious about other people maybe, and am genuinely curious about others interests etc. But, realizing you won't gel with everyone and leaving the convo before it gets weird and forced is a skill in itself.
I know a LOT of people, but have basically zero close friends. But I don't mind that.

@swansinflight Well, weak ties do seem to matter for getting employments or favours, and that certainly matters more for a university student than for an established 40-y/o (sorry if offensive)... Obviously I don't expect an infinite supply of close friends (those are rare for everyone)...

@a not offensive at all 😁
Every job except my first out of school has been through someone I know. Mostly I know a lot of people from doing a lot of different things, through different clubs and interests. I guess I don't really even want close friends, I like the ability to disappear and spend time alone; my inner introvert coming out I suppose. Though you wouldn't know from meeting me necessarily.

@a I guess my point is, I know a lot of peeps through extra curricular activities.
I don't socialise for the sake of socialising; it's a side effect of doing stuff with other people.

Me too. Those I used to refer to as friends, I realized, this isn't true friendship. They're just acquaintances I got to spend a lot of time with.

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