Said goodbye to my old (2017). Although it definitely has quality issues (most notably, its specs were not even the latest on its release), I guess I did treat it too roughly (fell to the ground once, also ran too many resource-intensive apps on it when it only has integrated graphics), so it only lasted 5 years (which I suppose is the lower end of its expected lifespan?). Too costly to repair, so got the newer MacBook Air (M2), trading the old one in (which gets scrapped probably). RIP little MacBook.

Got a M1 from my precedent job and it was pretty good (even tho Linux on it isn't completely there yet).

Ouch. Only 5 years?? 😕

I'd be very disappointed if that's all I get from my #gadgets. I guess I better not drop them, eh? 😁

I've dropped my phone a few times. I got butter fingers. 🤷‍♀️

Surface Pro 3 still alive and functional at 7 years old. Never been dropped. 🤞

@evelyn Cosmetic damage (which was partially repaired) isn't the main motive for replacement, but rather battery issues (service warning triggered + it only lasts a few hours now) and that some keys have fallen off (due to Apple's design flaw in butterfly keys - unfortunately it's too old for free replacement), likely caused by heavy use rather than one accident.

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