1958 Street view of Lambton Quay, Wellington, including building of Gresham Hotel, Norman Gee gift shop and Copp and Williams Ltd

Asian Migration: Our Stories - Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. Vanessa Mei Crofskey leads an exciting panel of phenomenal Asian creatives around the theme ‘Asian Migration: Our Stories’, inspired by artist Yona Lee’s In Transit series aucklandartgallery.com/whats-o

Whoops, I think we’re racist:
Launching Pae Korokī, rethinking access, metadata, treaty partnerships, and the universe next door.
Harley Couper, Heritage Specialist, and Elisha Rolleston, Archivist and Researcher, Tauranga City Libraries

From Guangdong To Aotearoa an oral history exhibition by Sue Gee. Using images, sound-bites & text, this 2016 exhibition followed the journey of six New Zealand born Chinese as they traced their ancestral roots back to Guangdong, South China.

Another overdue maintenance task completed! The Tung Wah Newspaper index has been migrated from a custom Django app on a now defunct web host, to a nice, neat Datasette instance on Heroku. resources.chineseaustralia.org

Quin Wah, fruit shop in Lower Hutt. Listed in International Chinese business directory of the world (1913)

Ying King Chinese Takeaways was located at 143 Karori Road, Karori, Wellington in the late 1970s. The building is currently occupied by Ming Du Chinese Takeaways.

"Despite the very large increase of the Mandarin-speaking population in New Zealand, it was only in 2018 that Mandarin overtook Cantonese as the most spoken Chinese language in the country." nzclw.com/general-6

New Zealand Citizenship ceremony, Levin, 1972:
Mr Moala Fifita Toua, Mr Rex Young, Mr Shing Mo Chan, Mr Jan Joseph Dawiec, Mrs Sui King Ngan, Mrs Roberts, Mr Roberts (Mayor), Mrs Kin Chee Sue. (Image: Horowhenua Historical Society Inc)

Racism. Violence. 

Cadence Chung came to my attention when she spoke about NZQA's use of a poem by the murderer of Wellington's Joe Kum Yung in an NCEA History exam, which rallied Chinese Aunties & Uncles (including myself) to speak up on racism.

The Alloo family whakapapa to Guangdong, China. Despite historical anti- hysteria, they established themselves as a socially-oriented and educated family in their community.

Ng Kew (born in 1905) arrived in New Zealand in 1920. He and his wife Ng Moy She owned and operated the laundry Chan Foon and Co at 5 Majoribanks Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington.

The Tung Jung memorial is located just inside the Karori Cemetery past the main gates off Karori Road, Wellington, and is where we meet yearly for the Chung Yeung Festival (Double Ninth Festival).

It was a significant event for New Zealand’s Chinese community when Sylvia Ngan Ting Gee married Roy Ting Shang Law wearing an elaborate wedding gown of silver lame at First Church in January 1943.


Kia ora @WellingtonChineseHistory - this article about a 1943 Dunedin wedding involving Wellington Chinese families just appeared in the ODT. Sharing in case you don’t come across it elsewhere! odt.co.nz/lifestyle/magazine/w

Funerals. Food. 

The lollies are so that one wouldn't leave with a bitter taste in one's mouth. Also it's traditional to receive some tissues or a handkerchief to wipe away the tears, and two coins, so one would leave richer for the experience.

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Funerals. Food. 

The only time I have Mackintosh's toffees is at Chinese funerals. It's almost as if it's a running gag amongst the OG (Original Generation) Chinese communities.

In 1900, thumbprints were required of Chinese leaving New Zealand temporarily. Returning Chinese had to deposit a poll tax until identification established upon their return.

Racism. inappropriate business name and iconography. 

I hate that I have to walk past this place when I go to and from work.

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