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If you’re thinking “WTF is Counterpart”, I won’t be surprised. It was on Starz (a US Cable channel) so didn’t get much exposure. It’s a kinda Cold War spy thriller with a hint of sci-fi / alternate world stuff, with an incredible cast, JK Simmons in the lead.

If that sounds interesting to you, I’d suggest giving it a go without reading any more about it. Probably the less you know, the more you will be drawn in. One of my all-time top shows. Both seasons are now available on TVNZ streaming.

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So many unwatched movies and TV shows in my queue. The question is, do I start on something I haven’t seen, OR watch Counterpart all the way through again?

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was awesome, well set up in the open areas of the Huatoki Plaza and New Plymouth foreshore walkway.
Usually the lights are set up through Pukekura Park over the New Year break, I think this is a great use during .

Adam Buxton’s interview with Jarvis Cocker is interesting, amazing and funny, give it a listen if you remember Pulp and the time of Br*tp*p

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Japanese man loses USB stick with entire city's personal details

The headline positions it as the failing of one person.

What controls, systems, safeguards, and oversight did the company have in place, to ensure this was neither necessary nor possible?

Heard the printer, went to investigate. Something has caused it to print about 30 pages of this

Splunk hoodie - $27
UPS expedited shipping - $138.79

I think I’ll pass. (No there isn’t a cheaper shipping option)

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I wonder how she will react when she gets the Will Smith/Shrek beanie 🤔

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I like finding funny gifts for my kids on AliExpress and ordering stuff without telling them. This week one of them got a pair of chicken leg socks, and she said it’s the best gift she has received, ever. Not sure whether I should be proud, or sad 😂


I’m going through some medical stuff at the moment and am absolutely blown away by the concern, generosity and thoughtfulness of some people, and the absolute indifference of others.

Not seeking sympathy here or anything, I am just amazed at how bloody nice some people are (like our neighbours) and disappointed at someone who I would consider one of my oldest friends who basically said “oh that sucks. Anyway…”

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i have thought about this hacker news comment nearly every day since november ninth twenty seventeen


Good episode, asking important questions, “Why does everything in tech fee like a scam”. Definitely worth a listen if you’re watching the NFT/DeFi stuff in disbelief.

I was somewhat shocked to discover that I’m not the only one in our family who wants to go and see Maverick in the cinema. Ms 15 and Ms 12 are also mad keen (Mrs uknzguy is less so, but still keen-ish).

It makes me so mad when music streaming services suddenly just don’t have that favourite album anyone. Or (worse) just that one favourite track off that album.

No warning, no explanation, you just go to play it one day and track #3 is gone.

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I’m walking the dogs. Old man with 2 dogs approaches. Dogs sniff and sus each other out, old man mutters something “couple of service dogs” or similar, I didn’t catch. I said “sorry, what?” and he fires back “oh you’ve obviously got no sense of humour”.

I’ve never been so offended, and I’m not sure why

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