Jane Campion Edition

What film / TV show from the list below did you most enjoy? Something else, comment below.

I believe the new "Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies" is "Come to Mastodon.nz, we have laserkiwi!" :laserkiwi:

What are you humans doing this weekend? Feels like a ripoff that it’s only 2 days huh

I genuinely love it when family purchases toys like this for my 4yo daughter. I get to put it together. Everyone wins.

She’s going to lose it

If you don’t wordle immediately after 12am does it even count?

Kia ora koutou, just finding my way around atm. Nice to see some familiar faces 😊

@Thedude If you don't have it already, you really must get a copy of Digby Law's book. You can probably pick up a copy at a second hand book shop. Brilliant. The man knew his pickles.😋

Kiwi human based out of Wellington, NZ. Proud Dad, Slave to the commercial film industry. Really into making pickles at the moment for some reason

Done with Twitter for now

Interested in a broad variety of things including but not limited to;

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