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for those who don't know me. I am a and interested in and the region including and I also write I live in with my 2 kids, partner and 2 I like and talking to people 😊

Happy day! The Foundations audiobook is out! If you fancy hearing me read the book, you can find it at the retailers below. Over the next couple of weeks it should appear in 40 or so other stores including Audible, Amazon and Spotify. Please share with friends who listen to audiobooks. Thanks and enjoy :)

NOOK Audiobooks:
Google Play:

On my way to Good Books in Jessie Street, Wellington with another order of books. 'Foundations' will be available in store or online again very soon:

Colonialism and violence 

Here I am reading chapter 5, 'Papatoetoe' from my memoir/literary nonfiction novel, 'Foundations' on the NZSA writers read YouTube channel.

I am super thrilled to see my new book 'Foundations' on the shelves of GOOD BOOKS NZ! Thanks to the wonderful Jane for sending these pics. If you are in Wellington, pop into the shop in Jessie St (some delicious irony there for those of you who have read the book!). RRP is $34.00. Here it is in their catalogue too:

The reviews have started coming for Foundations. This one is a 5 star, there's also a 4 star so the average is 4.5 stars, which I am pretty happy with :)

The paperback of 'Foundations' is now available for pre-order! The release date is 15 June so pre-ordered Epub or Kindle versions will now arrive on the 15th. RRP $33 NZD ($20 USD). The paperback is currently available on Amazon and will be in other online retailers very soon!

Gah typing with no glasses gets you saying weird stuff.

Faces and eyes 

@mementomaori I was good on that pinky promise - there is a glam shot on the cover 😂

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Faces and eyes 

Really happy to announce that my memoir/literary non-fiction book 'Foundations' will be published on 17 June. Pre-orders for the Kindle version only are now live: The blurb is in the link. The paperback and ebook versions will be available for order from the 17th 😊

Feels like a good time to have been largely absent from social media. A quick dip in and.... adios!

It's been a while but I wrote a poem this morning.

Booked my tickets to Mauritius and Reunion Island. Honestly, so excited to get to Reunion and see the Cirques, the archives and feel the vibe. And Mauritius will be fab for the Archipelagic Memory conference.

Anyway, we're up early to go to the market for fruit and veges. The only way to dodge the obscene supermarket prices and get things nice and fresh. Secretly hoping the panikeke caravan will be there though 😅

One of my side gigs is copyediting the Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History. The latest issue vol 23 no. 1 2022 is now out.

Ok, before I get back to my day, lemme just say, I have found the perfect tea and, as life's too short to be drinking average tea, I shall share: Skinny Dilmah Earl Grey in a huge cup. You're welcome.

Um, are you allowed to swear on here? I just did...

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