I boosted this toot earlier, but realised I may not have been clear why:

- lets leave the negativity behind as much as possible eh? Bright new uplit grasslands etc. Let's bring the good with us and discard the bad. None of us liked the pile-ons, or the snide remarks, or the toxicity that has been staple there for a while.

We can be better. We are better. Lets not interact with the dark & let it drift back to Twitter again.

Hey, fellow #NZTwits, please definitely help guide others over on Twitter to find the servers here, especially by pointing them to the specific local ones, rather than "Mastodon" in general.

Not sure why I'm suddenly being asked if I'm Australian when I speak. It used to be "Are you American" which would cause my Canadian heart to shatter.
They think Australian now?? 🤔🙃

This is the kind of photography I did in our home country of Canada. I also did a lot of political events, but guessing they would be of less interest. 😁

New folks might be wondering about the CW option. It's pretty simple - it lets you add a content warning onto your toot, but also obscures the content so you have to click on it to see the content. People tend to use them fairly liberally here. I don't post anything I think is objectionable, but some people are sensitive to certain topics, and it is just polite (and respectful) to give them fair warning. Nice when browsing the local or federated timelines, where you could see anything! #NZTwits

Hey newbies - feel free to use the CW (content warning) functionality just as a general courtesy tool, it has uses beyond ptsd triggers. For instance, I've seen people CW posts about Covid and about Musk and about depressing local politics or climate change.
You can even use a CW to shorten a long post's appearance in feeds.

Big thank you to the people on here that have been helping us confused newbies find our way around 🙂👍


nothing is forever, your instance can go away at any time for any number of reasons

so go to Preferences -> Import and Export and periodically export your data (especially your follows) so in case your instance vanishes into a puff of smoke, you have some of the data you need to get started again on another instance

From a recent E scooter ride 🙂 lots of cool places to explore in Napier

5-7 things that interest me that aren't in my profile:

though I'm a newbie
with or without camera

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."


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