Just caught the diabetic cat trying to open the pantry to get to the cat food. Last week I found a chewed packet of cat food on the kitchen floor. I had blamed our Siamese cat but seems she was innocent.

Guess I'm not following any night owls on Mastodon. Where's my insomniacs?

Wordle 323 3/6


Didn't help myself by listening to the news - polls & Supreme Court leaks 👎

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Had a frenetic day of work and quick beach walk and now I'm trying to slow myself down before dinner. Or I'll eat too fast and end up with indigestion. Slow breaths & some calm music.

About to give the cat his first insulin shot. Or myself. 🙀

Weeded the garden, harvested the cat nip, now I'm a sweaty mess. Not just a hot mess. Now I can relax with less guilt.

Tried a new recipe tonight. It was the IKEA meatballs recipe and it was damned good. Made enough to freeze for another meal. Recipe was in the Herald awhile back. It has some uses.

Sorry for being a PITA but I have moved to mastodon.nz. Still SnarkMaiden.

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