Hi sorry I keep forgetting this app exists but kei te pai au. Parenting and reo learning and DMing and work have got me busy as hell. Currently I'm off work with the lurgy. Keep testing negative on the old ratty

Hope my dnd players are ready to have their minds fucking blown with this revolution in game design because the plastic card holders have arrived!!! No more precariously balancing npc pics against the DM screen!!! Zomg!!!!

I now have all my DM notes in a Google docs folder and I should have done this right at the start instead of ending up with several million Word files called things like APRIL NOTES TO MERGE, APRIL ADDITIONAL NOTES TO MERGE, MAY STORY NOTES DON'T FORGET TO MERGE APRIL

So tonight I decided to tidy up my game notes which were in several different word files. Before each game I've been typically rewriting bits and coming up with new cool scenes and stuff because the published campaign book I'm using wasn't up to my standards.... Anyway the point of this story is we're halfway through the campaign and I've written 20,000 words it turns out lol

I made the mistake of singing a few lines from Always Look On The Bright Side of Life to my six year old before turning his lights out and he absolutely lost his fucking bananas at 'When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't worry give a whistle!' and he's now laying in bed chanting it and laughing like a hyena

Enjoyable session of the Descent into Avernus campaign again this evening. The party said goodbye to the talking velociraptor and her Warforged buddy that they rescued from the demon worshipping cultists and are currently debating whether to take Mad Maggie up on her offer or help the enslaved kenku overthrow her

Fuck I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the Lowe Real Estate agency, I mean they're probably wiping their tears with hundred dollar bills but even so

This is probably a good place to ask, can someone please point me to the easiest team project timeline template/online tool? I literally just want to input project parts, owners, when each part starts and how long it will take, etc. Idiot proof. I did a search and was immediately bombarded with 6 billion options that all wanted me to sign up and I want to pick one that's recommended to just bloody work 😂😭

It's always better to rely on Māori dictionary or your kaiako or workbooks as a first port of call but treat it like a source you don't completely trust and I reckon its OK

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This might get me the patu but Google translate is actually getting pretty decent at basic as long as you don't rely on it for anything serious. I consult it to get the context occasionally or check my understanding and its fine, more so from Māori to Pākehā. I wouldn't use it for a kōrero or assignment but for some mahi iti it's fine. Just my hot take 😂

this would suggest that people who buy bitcoin don't talk about it and boy do i wish that was the case

This has been lurking in my faves folder for a moment like this. Sound may be aggressive but that's the point

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