If you're still on it's worth reading New Twitter Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. From 10 June, no rules against offensive content. You give them royalty-free license to use, publish, & distribute your Content to the rest of the world and to let others do the same. Also ups advertising & may ban adblockers (my reading). New Privacy Policy says it Infers your Identity. They link device used with account & email address or phone number. NB

@Kay I was wondering how quickly they got around to drawing up new terms of service as usually these things take quite some time. Apparently moving fast is part of the plan.

@Kay Would you mind if I posted this on my (soon to be inactive) Twitter?

@Kay hi Kay, may I copy and share this to my twitter (with attribution)?

@Kay Or like someone else tweet: All your data are belong to musk!

@juliasnz @Kay Both of these passages are already in place and have been for a long time! They're not actually new

@kraaico @Kay probably would be useful to go through & see if someone can spot what has been "updated"... I'm getting a "these will come into effect on 10th June" message from Twitter every time I log in for the last 24 hours... with an added it takes 30 days to delete your account fully thingee 🥴🙄

@juliasnz @Kay I put both the old and the new one in a text compare tool online and the changes arent that interesting. Just a removal of a mention of periscope, a referral to their paid service ToS and further clarification that they don't want anyone to tamper with their software.

@kraaico @Kay interesting so that toughening up on explicitly stating... "don't mess with us"... I guess they're expecting some people to... >>mess with them<< 🥴🙄🤷‍♀️

I've no idea what periscope is but I doubt I want to know 😂👍

@juliasnz @Kay I think it was some live streaming app that failed horribly?

Periscope was useful while it lasted. It was used to livestream protests and negative interactions with cops. It may also have been used for less socially redeemable purposes. I'm not very tech so closest I got was filming live videos on Facebook @kraaico @juliasnz

@kraaico @juliasnz @Kay Yeah, that's what it was. I liked it. You could pick places in the world to drop in to and see what people were streaming about. Unfortunately, there would be a lot of guys - AFAICT, mostly from southwest Asia - who would just keep writing "open" on streams being done by women.

@jotaemei @kraaico @Kay uhm... that sounds kindof... creepy, not the asian part 🙂 just the... whole random looking at people thing but then... I'm face averse being autistic 🤣🤦‍♀️🥴

@juliasnz @kraaico @Kay I don’t know. They were all streaming publicly to the world - no different than live-streaming to Instagram, FB, #birdsite. It was nice though that you could learn perspectives of people in other cultures, and I really liked when people streamed activism events.

Even if the changes are minor, it's good for people to look for themselves and decide if they're OK with the terms. I'm probably less comfortable now with sharing info than I was when I signed up to Birdsite over 10 years ago. @kraaico @juliasnz

@Kay @juliasnz Oh for sure! Your data and privacy are important! But especially after the takeover it's important to keep tabs on which changes are new and which aren't I think

@Kay The no rules against offensive content is concerning, but the royalty free licence thing has always been the cause because else they wouldn't have the rights to post a tweet, spread it across people's timelines, crop it for thumbnails, etc! This line is often misunderstood.

@Kay they didn't remove or ban for posting offensive content for quite a long time. At least now they won't pretend.

I found this interesting but am unsure it's new (difficult to find what is but guess that's intentional)

"We may share, sell, or transfer information about you in connection with a merger, acquisition, reorganization, sale of assets, or bankruptcy. This Privacy Policy will apply to your personal information that is shared with (before and after the close of any transaction) or transferred to the new entity." well that's... considerably worse than i expected and honestly pretty terrifying

@pilcrow it may be mostly the same as before. I read Birdsite TOS years ago when I signed up and some posters have said Its just the same/ Mostly the same. Maybe - but is it something you or I are comfortable about?

Excerpt from Twitter TOS from Dec. 2021 @

"By submitting, posting or displaying Content on or through the Services, you grant us a [...] non-exclusive license to use, copy, reproduce, process, [...] and distribute such Content in any and all media or distribution methods now known or later developed"

This is so they can display the content to other users and transcode media

@Kay Earlier it reads "You retain the rights to your Content".

Even earlier it reads
"You understand that by using the Services, you may be exposed to Content that might be offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate, or in some cases, postings that have been mislabeled or are otherwise deceptive. All Content is the sole responsibility of the person who originated such Content."

This is all old news. Shoulda read it earlier ;)

Earlier we had Community Standards @Firepal3D and yes, the re-use provisions aren't new butthey're more blatant, and with stronger signalling of potential use and commercial gain by others. Ownership of original content hasn't translated to guarantee of return for profits from eg sales of NFTs using copied images

@Kay I've flipped between the Section 3 of the old and new Terms, and they are identical, not "more blatant". Also I'm not too sure where Adblock banning and NFTs fit into this

@Firepal3D context? How it seemed to me. Maybe wrong. Still how it felt. Feel free to mute me.

@Firepal3D even if the new terms mainly replicate the old terms, that doesn't make me happy about potential misuse, especially with announcements by Muck about "free speech" and apparent reduction in Community Standards. If my (probably) technically incorrect statement gets people to read the Terms, good. People should always read for themselves.

@Kay Joke's on them. I wrote a TamperMonkey script to hide all their "promoted content". Anyway, once Twitler is back on the service, I'm off and will just be here. But staying until then for the friends who haven't yet made the move. If they somehow block me because I use blockers, well, that just makes my final day come sooner.

@Kay That said, they need to be able to publish and distribute your content, otherwise they wouldn't have permission to display your twits to other users. I think that's pretty standard for social networks. Not liking ad blockers also seems pretty standard, it's how they make their money, since most people don't pay to use it. I _do_, since I am a Twitter Blue subscriber, but that was just so I could do an experiment with using an NFT as my avatar. Obvs I'll unsub before I leave, but they don't care about me, they have Musk's billions and all they will care about after that is eyeballs to read the latest unhinged ramblings from Señor Cheato.

@Kay There's a good thread about this on Twitter. Good news, the intention isn't nefarious, the bad news, it would allow them to do a lot of nefarious things if they choose to.

@Kay I'm convinced they've been trying to attach me to a phone, even before the new TOS were announced... numerous times I'd be flagged as a bot, but given the option to prove I wasn't by entering a code sent to a mobile number. Every single time I told them I did not have one, find a better way to deal with this so called "bot" issue. I was also briefly cut off trying to send a DM to the main CPUSA acct. All very sus IMO 😆😆😆😆😆 so it's only a matter of time than before i get banned i guess.

i wonder which one will happen first, i leave or i get banned.

Banning is unlikely as any post gaining a reaction can be monetized or turned into clickbait. Why ban what you can exploit. OTOH Musk is happy blocking people so that may happen too @logan

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