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Conservatism: A really concerted attempt to justify the myth that I deserve my luxuries, comforts, privileges and toys, regardless of the absurd consequences of those beliefs

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Hans Rosling's ten dramatic instincts and ten rules of thumb to counter them, from Factulness.

Dramatic Instincts - Learn to recognise the ten common story types that often makes us misinterpret facts and see them more dramatic than they are.

Visual via @Datawrapper@twitter.com

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I realised today, watching Brian Tamaki and the Freedom & Rights Coalition protesting about... everything? that many people probably didn't see the live stream where they announced their first lockdown-breaking protest, they deleted it soon after.

Here's some highlights.

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For those who still have linear television, Batman Returns has just started on Duke if you want to tune in to see deVito's penguin

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It's interesting that Luxon is visiting this rote learning charter school in the UK rather than visiting the world's best education system when it's so nearby - Finland.

Finland did away with standardised tests & exams years ago. They focus on genuine learning, and it works.

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The attack in the western city of Nara prompted shock and condemnation.

The attack against Japan’s longest serving prime minister in the city of Nara prompted shock and condemnation.
Japan’s ex-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shot: World reacts
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I have seen several references on my social media feeds to the video of Ardern speaking at Chatham House on her recent visit to the UK. It has, so far, received only a few hundred views on YouTube, but it is well worth watching the entire 60-odd minutes. She is articulate, intelligent, warm and witty. Sure, I'm a fan of hers, but it is extremely disappointing that her talk has not received wider coverage here in New Zealand. She is immensely talented and a fine PM.

At in Wellington. In venue with over 1,000 masked and vaccinated people. Infosec professionals understand risks from viruses :allthethings:

Kay will be at on Friday 1 July and Saturday 2 July. Maybe give me a wave if you are too? 👋 👍

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The Supreme Court has ruled Family First does not qualify for charitable status, saying the group's work is not compatible with charity.

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This @ACLU@twitter.com video from 2006 is supposed to be an over the top parody of the future of corporate data collection.

Not so funny anymore 🥴

After , I've been re-watching . Here Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel sing Don't Give Up. Sweet song and as relevant now as in 1986.

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Due to the gender medical research gap, to this day, we don't know how women metabolize and react to many medicines, why some adverse reactions are more common in women, nor how women experience & manifest pain. fortune.com/2022/06/10/world-b

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“it's no coincidence that TERF rhetoric increased just as feminist circles were finally beginning to have productive conversations about intersectionality & how historical feminist successes had largely benefited white women, straight women, cis women, wealthy women, able-bodied women, neurotypical women. Suddenly, a whole bunch of white feminists were told, 'hey, perhaps your voices aren't the ones that need centering right now. perhaps you should pass the mic.'”


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Deplatforming remains one of the most effective tactics in stopping the spread of hate. It's wonderful to see this week Counterspin kicked out of venues in two cities and having to hold their events in smaller towns.

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Poetry, Book Drop 

Kitten Shallows is off to physical press. Woo!

Meanwhile, for folks wanting to support an author right away, it's also available - epub, mobi, PDF - over on itch: wetdryvac.itch.io/kitten-shall

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