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I think it’s interesting how the right think Izzy Cook is old enough to be bullied on national TV but Sam Uffindell wasn’t old enough to take responsibility for his actions.

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The first day of daylight savings is wonderful. You wake up go, wow, I slept in until 9am I feel wonderful.

Later it'll be 11pm and you wonder why you're not tired yet.

Tomorrow will be brisket on the smoker day. First of the coming season.

This sorta thing is so stupid. For starters if you need to hire external management consultants would that not be an admission that the internal management don't know what to do & are perhaps not worth what they're being paid? Employee benefits "too generous", its a TV service you can deliver at cost ffs.


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Fun game - when someone tells someone else off for being disrespectful to the late Queen, search their profile to see the language they use about our current Prime Minister

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Have discovered that when my camera is in UV mode if I don't forget to sweep off the cobwebs Frigate will sometimes detect the spider as a person at my frontdoor & send a notification at 1am.

I'm kinda into this Lake Street Dive cover. Who'd have thought Shania Twain songs could sound so good. youtube.com/watch?v=rx9M6oqm9U

Dear Aunty Jacinda, i'd very much like a day off to work on my boat. I mean, to contemplate the life of our departed sovereign. Please & thankyou.

I am n00b at coding stuff. But as I try to debug what I have done I think I am learning that knowing what to log & when is kinda important.

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I've played enough OpenTTD to know that if our government is serious about making this country money then all we need is a train line from Hobart to Port Hedland

IP Waivers denied for vaccines, Gates Foundation, Big-Pharma and lobbyists. Enough to make one both depressed and enraged at the same time.

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“Hope and Limberg’s assessment considers a range of data points, and covers the performance of economies for up to half a decade after tax cuts. Their conclusion: “estimated effects for these variables are statistically indistinguishable from zero” – or to put it another way, tax cuts make little or no difference to GDP and jobs.”


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Republicans: socialism never works.
Socialists: Norway is socialist and they’re doing great.
Republicans: they’re not socialist! They’re capitalist countries with strong welfare policies.
Socialists: then let’s adopt those policies.
Republicans: no that’s socialism.

Jebus Cripes. It really is so National to demand an apology for a cost of living payment that helped people who were in need, purely because some people who weren't in need also got it. Of course no apology needed for planning to give the richest of NZers, who don't need anything, a tax cut and the people in need nothing but further degeneration of public health, education and welfare services.

The whole push back against the completely non-revelatory idea of "quiet-quitting" ie doing what your contract requires of you is quite stupid. If I go to a cafe, and after ordering a coffee I got a small toffee with it, then its clearly a freebie, someone being nice. If they don't give me one the next time i'm there I don't expect a cheaper coffee. I assessed my need - coffee - and entered into an arrangement to procure it. If it turns out, I also needed toffee, I should bloody well buy one.

Hello Fediverse, any chance anyone can help identify this species of timber? Its very hard, and very heavy. I wondered if it was Jarra but its not particularly orangey-red. I'm trying to work out if it'll take epoxy ok and work as part of the centre case on my dinghy.

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"The richest 10% of New Zealanders hold more than half the country’s wealth. The poorer half of the population, meanwhile, holds just 2%. So why are we still so reluctant to talk about wealth inequality?"

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I haven't looked up when the minimum age for voting in NZ was set to 18, but i'd wager that whenever it was the average 18 year old had had less schooling than today's 18 year olds. I also think its pretty obvious that many 16 year olds today have a better handle on what the world is like now, and what it might be like in the future than many 90 year olds. As with most arbitrary cutoffs, voting age no matter what it is will see some prepared, some not. Why not lower it?

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