I vaguely recall occasional concerns about economic or diplomatic relations with authoritarian or fundamentalist regimes across the middle east. The entire western world relies on the economy of a state dominated by authoritarian religious fundamentalists. I'm only in my 40s so i've not lived through as many various other crises of western democracy or hegemony but the current uber reactionary politics of the USA feels pretty momentous.

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Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy Mastodon compared to Twitter?

Because it’s really great.


I kinda just realised that what anglophile westerners eat for breakfast is just so completely arbitrary why not try stuff that's completely different. After all sometimes we fry up a load of bacon & sausages and that's great, and heck cold pizza can make a wonderful breakfast too. But there's something about going all in on savoury flavours first thing in the day that is really appealing for me right now.

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I've basically eaten pretty much the same sorts of things for breakfast forever. Toast with jam or *mite, cereal & milk, or occasionally porridge. I got sick of cereal ages ago & recently got so over toast that I've started trying different things. Steamed white rice with a fried egg, spring onion & chilli oil is amazing. This week im trying hummus & baba ganoush topped with warm olive oil & ras el hanout with a toasted pide. Its great and so refreshingly different.


It feels very gross that it looks like the media have decided to get all onboard with tearing down another Māori wahine politician. For mine, what they're attempting with Mahuta, and what they did to Turei is not really about holding power to account.

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In the past, I've had accounts that crossposted to Twitter, but I've ultimately either disconnected the crossposting or let the accounts go defunct. And gradually I've come to the conclusion that crossposting undermines the goal of building a better social media ecosystem. It provides people with an excuse for staying on corporate social media and encourages them to see it as your responsibility to deliver your posts to them wherever they already have an account.

Sometimes I think about the interesting lumps, bumps and stumps of structures past in the area I grew up & wish there was some New Zealand equivalent of Time Team looking into our past on telly. Sure we don't have Romans or Normans, or ancient Celts and whatnot but we do have around 800 years of Māori settlement, and I think around 200 years of Pākehā. There'd be some interesting stories for sure. Some would tell how land was taken and changed, and that would be good for us to know.

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"After BusinessNZ met with an indifferent response to its complaint to the International Labour Organisation over Fair Pay Agreements earlier this month, workplace relations and safety minister Michael Wood called the lobby group’s actions part of an “active misinformation campaign” against the new law.
So are the critics right? Is BusinessNZ? Here’s how we got here, and what’s coming next."

#nzpolitics #employmentlaw #workersrights


This is an area our media outlets so concerned with disinformation really need to do better. Explain to their readers how no, they aren't actually paying 33c in every $1 they earned in tax, and also how yes, you do actually get a whole bunch of stuff for that tax take. If folks understood the basics better we could argue about what taxes should be spent on a bit more than whether we should be taxing and how much. The latter argument gives cover for gifting more money to the already rich.

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Twitter and Facebook are certainly toxic cesspits at times, but my god dip your toes into the comments section on our major online media outlets and some days it puts them to shame. So much hate and rage for the poor and working class from people claiming to be so fully employed they always pay the top tax rate yet never see anything for their taxes. Blind to the roads, Police, Health & Education systems, border protections, investments in all sorts of industries & services I guess.

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Did not pick Chester Borrows to be the grown-up in the room.


Online media outlets posting columns about life after covid when 27 people died yesterday & we're still in the throws of the fecking pandemic. 🙅‍♂️ Ignoring it, or treating it as though it is over means less masking, less other measures (assuming we'll never get policy to push us back to covid 0) and a longer & longer tail of cases.


Ive found a series on YouTube that is of use in these expensive times. youtube.com/watch?v=XWfK_NG774 Lots of useful tips on eating for less cost, and making things go the distance, how to re-use different preparations in different ways etc.

First pandemic flight under my belt. Wasn’t worried about a bumping landing in Wellington because just breathing was probably more dangerous.

When you have too many tabs and so many things that could notify you that you can't find the thing that pipped to notify you of something.


Not paying much attention to either broadcast news, the online sources, or the birdsite i'd already kinda forgotten the budget had just happened and had no idea there were polls and "scandals" out in the wild. My opinion on polling is that its often an exercise in creating a narrative, and there's only 1 poll that really matters and the rest should be ignored. My thoughts on "scandal" is that NZ media must enjoy being party to tearing down Maori women in politics.

As far as I can tell the license isn't actually for using the phone - that's covered by a separate style of licensing; this is purely to change the firmware.

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Good day to all the NZ 'dons! Today i'm going to have to try to learn how to purchase a license from a major player in the IP Telephony market so as to be able to install a different version of their firmware on a hardware identical IP Phone (that they make & sell) so that it can register with an on-premise install of their calling platform rather than their cloud platform. I worry the customer that thought they were getting a good deal from a 3rd party supplier might be...

Music, Funk, Bluegrass 

Two of my favourite musicians at the moment are from wildly divergent musical styles - Cory Wong has a Funk background, and Billy Strings (whilst I bet he can shred playing metal) made his name in Bluegrass style flat-picking (at least I think that's what its called). Combine the two and its still awesome: youtu.be/D4BstgqvI_Q?t=1068

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