If only all the dumpster fires we encounter in life were this cute! 😍

*reigns 🤦‍♀️ note to self: I really need to start checking over these properly BEFORE posting

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I did a thing! After much deliberation I gave in and my ‘dumpster fire’ plushie is en route!

Who doesn’t need something to generate a little happiness while chaos reins🔥

Can’t beat apple crumble fresh from the oven on a cool autumn evening.

Well it’s confirmed…..it’s officially time to get up 5mins earlier to allow for car defrosting time in the mornings! ❄️

After a wildly successful day of procrastination, unfortunately it’s time to start cleaning for my house inspection. My Saturday night is about to get crazy y’all 😂

Anyone else having one of those days where there is just one brick wall after another you end up banging your head against? Surely it can’t just be me! 😓

My toxic trait? Knowing this morning was a struggle because I was awake until after 2am and I have an extra early start tomorrow…but still had another double shot coffee at 5pm. 😅

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