I always forget how therapeutic baking can be and how much I enjoy it.

I had a little baking frenzy this evening and my containers are all stocked up. The only downside is I now have all the dishes that need washing up. If only I could magic those away somehow it would be perfect. 😂

Something is intermittently beeping in my house and I can’t figure out/find what it is!

Someone send help!

….or someone’s trying to tell me I should stop working late 😂

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I have a task that keeps getting bumped down my priority list the last couple weeks. So I decided to try get it checked off this evening and now the system has crashed hahaha 🤦‍♀️ The universe clearly doesn’t want me to succeed!

Well I’m honestly a little sad it’s Monday tomorrow. After some much needed time focusing on things that make my soul happy this weekend I’m not quite ready for it to be over!

I hope everyone is looking after themselves! Especially all those who are unwell at the moment. It seems there are a few of you out there! :birdheart:

Phew! What a day! It’s been like a real life game of Whac-A-Mole (don’t worry no humans or moles where harmed).

In a good way though, it was chaotic but I think some things are finally coming together and going in a good direction! :allthethings:

I’ve always found it irritating when people come to me for help and define the problem as “easy” followed by “I’ve checked with 3 other people and they don’t know” or say “it’ll be easy for you”.

I think I have finally realised why it annoys me so much. Firstly, if it was that ‘easy’ you wouldn’t be asking me to help figure it out. But more importantly, in a way, it disregards the years of experience and hard work I have (and continue to) put in to know what I know so that it ‘appears easy’.

Happy Saturday everyone!

My morning coffee and I are bringing you blue skies and peaceful wintery vibes from Northwest AK :birdheart:

When you call your cat's name and one ear goes down it's basically the feline equivalent of seeing one grey tick in WhatsApp.

It’s been an odd week and I’m never very good at concisely articulating the thoughts buzzing around my head. Especially when I feel like my equilibrium is off so *imagine philosophical/inspirational message here*.

I feel very conflicted. I think they are just trying to be nice, so part of me thinks I should just be grateful. But it is also very uncomfortable that he keeps doing things like this without asking, when I haven’t asked for or indicated I need or want his help. It just feels a bit invasive *sigh*

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I thought things were looking up but sadly after a 2 month reprieve the saga of my awkward neighbour continues…came home from work to find they seem to have taken it upon themselves to trim all my shrubs, weed the gardens and rearrange things on my patio.

As someone with a chronic issue of far too many open tabs, a colleague sent me this lovely message of inspiration today. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who needs it! 😂

Grant me the serenity to close all the tabs I’m never going to read. The courage to read the open tabs that ought to be read. And the wisdom to know the difference.
Origin: Birdsite - @AudreLawdAMercy

If only all the dumpster fires we encounter in life were this cute! 😍

*reigns 🤦‍♀️ note to self: I really need to start checking over these properly BEFORE posting

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I did a thing! After much deliberation I gave in and my ‘dumpster fire’ plushie is en route!

Who doesn’t need something to generate a little happiness while chaos reins🔥

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