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Must be my turn to Say hi! 🙂

I'm from Ōtautahi Christchurch and I work from home as an Advisor/Analyst and also take care of my stepdad who is terminal. I also have a cat and regularly walk four chihuahuas 🤣. I have a quirky sense of humor and try to always find the positives in life.

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@Finz yes 🤣 I call them the joy babies. They never fail to lift my spirits. That's Keisha (the Mum to the others), Chanel, Hilton and then Paris on the chair

I absolutely don't say "toot!" out loud as I click the "toot!" button. Definitely not me. Uh-uh.


Lookit this chonky boi! Oranges will be shown no mercy 🍊

Johnny Depp trial 

Good news for Johnny Depp today! That's the right outcome I think, and I really hope innocent until proven guilty makes a return moving forward. Men can be victims too. Women can also be liars.

Yours sincerely,
an IPV and sexual assault vic over here 👋

It's funny how some quotes, or sayings, just seem to stick with you for no apparent reason. One of my favourites is, "We judge ourselves by our intentions, but others by their actions." I think about that a lot.

It's official, I'm getting recognition from the techies at work. They finally appreciate my jaw dropping super power to detect weaknesses and break ALL the things 😎

I must have awesome hearing because I can hear the bubbles in my coke hitting the glass a bit like how light hail sounds on a window

I actually like the CW on food here cos I've seen some horrendous looking meals posted on twits that could've done with a warning.

Keisha just died. Oh my sweet little lady💜

She leaves behind two girls and a boy that are in the end photo with me. They all live together, will they understand their Mama is gone 😢💔

Happy sigh 😎
I love it here. I'm genuinely happier without the toxicity of the birdsite on top of day to day life. Being here with you all is like taking a swim in a tranquil freakin lake!

CBD oil 

How long does CBD oil take to work for chronic pain?

My friend started taking it nearly two weeks ago. She's had pain for seven months that they can't find a cause for, and she's literally fading away fast with lack of appetite and has no quality of life.

When she got the oil she was so excited, but it hasn't really made much difference 😔. I know she's gutted, and I honestly don't know if we should give it longer or not.

She's on Helius (NZ version)

Joy babies! Took these nuggets for a walk today! Adventures were had 😆

Birdsite v fedi 

Also, I have so much more time now I’m not glued to birdsite 😲 It’s blissfully calm here by comparison 😊

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Someone posted cake.

Now I want black forest gateau kinda cake 😍🤤

Naked tv show 

Ew ew! Glanced at the tv and that weird naked show is on where they select dates by which genitalia they find most attractive.

Honestly, this takes my libido to about -500 😱🤮

Covid press conference 

Saw people remarking that they weren't comforted by Bloomfield's presser today.

What did people think was going to happen? Did they think covid was just done and life was going to be one big lollipop now just because we're sick of it?

Honestly! 🙄

The MoH has been telling us all along there would be further waves, particularly in winter. This shouldn't be a surprise 😣

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