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Yesterday I presented two scout leaders their wood beads on top of the peak hidden in the clouds.

Rainbow over Arrowtown.

Fail. Actual test done with a mattress between me and the launcher, and safety glasses and ear muffs. The bang when bottles burst is LOUD!

Mk3 launcher tested to 150psi. Looks like the bottle was about to fall.

Nearly in cloud cookoo land. Brow Peak.

Also working on a new 3D printed launcher clamp, and modern art at the same time.

Altimeter calibration tests. Gespalt is packed in foam in the loose nosecone. See for more.

Let's see if we can print a water rocket launch clamp with ABS. The usual PLA is less stable around water, hence the new material.

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Do you ever sit around thinking about the ironic difference between “founder” the noun and “founder” the verb

This toot is coming from my sparkling new OnePlus 6T. Hope it lasts as long as the old OnePlus 1.

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my recommendation if you're still young is to use the shit out of your knees and back while they work

@lightweight I'd love to see franchise according to life expectancy. Shouldn't people who have to endure 60 years of a policy have more say than those with only a few years left? If children had a (proxy) vote, we'd have a lot less child poverty.

@lightweight Talk to some younger people - my experience is that they get climate change. And tell them to vote - us old white men are slowly but surely dying off.

@lightweight And remember that Stuff commenters are disproportionately old white males who have the time and entitlement to spout their misinformed opinions.

@lightweight I think it's important to use your benevolent energy to be kind while you tell EVERYONE the truth; not to muzzle yourself.

Home for the night, 26 people in 20 bunks though.

Still high on French Ridge.

Evening high on French Ridge.

Tarns on French Ridge.