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Yesterday I presented two scout leaders their wood beads on top of the peak hidden in the clouds.

Rainbow over Arrowtown.

Mk3 launcher tested to 150psi. Looks like the bottle was about to fall.

Nearly in cloud cookoo land. Brow Peak.

Also working on a new 3D printed launcher clamp, and modern art at the same time.

Altimeter calibration tests. Gespalt is packed in foam in the loose nosecone. See for more.

Let's see if we can print a water rocket launch clamp with ABS. The usual PLA is less stable around water, hence the new material.

Home for the night, 26 people in 20 bunks though.

Still high on French Ridge.

Evening high on French Ridge.

Tarns on French Ridge.

Morning from the Matukituki.

Tried solidpython, but wasn't any more logical or efficient than openScad. Here's a water rocket launcher clamp I'm working on...

Not a bad wee possie for lunch!

Something cool is hatching here...

Another wet morning in Arrowtown...

Another 10m of ditch dug. Better exercise than the gym and no membership fees!

Good morning! Have a good one!

In the middle of this picture is the totem pole. A woman climbing it dislodged a rock which crushed her partner's skull. She hauled him up to a ledge and secured him, abseiled down, swam to the bottom of the sheer 200m cliff, free climbed up to where the picture was taken, and ran a tough 7km to raise the alarm. He survived, with brain damage and paraplegia, but went on to complete the climb several years later (with aids).