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Question again, to the Hivemind, this time about blogging. For you, is blogging...

Had a busy couple of days and missed posting my usual daily flower for you all to enjoy, so here we go.

Okay, Hivemind, how safe is it to use Gmail, given it's a Google product and they (like Meta) just love to sell our data?

Maple syrup anyone? We were out this morning at the Grand Marche buying up our quota of fruit and veg and the OH just had to have some syrup to go with the strawberries we got.

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! Bonne Fete. Hope the weather holds where ever you are and enjoy the fireworks safely!

A mixed day of weather today, sun, cloud, dark cloud, breezy, and not very inviting. So, let's have a bright and cheerful flower!

Happy Hump Day everyone. To celebrate us being half way through the working week, I have a couple more photos from the Living Plant Sculpture fest. Check these guys out.

So, book readers out there, does Where the Crawdads Sing (the book) live up to the hype?

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As promised, here are a few more photos from our trip out, on Saturday, to the phenomenal Mosiacultures 2022 show here, in the bois de Coulonge.

Another bright sunny, but cool day here today! Yeah for summer. And more from the Mosiaculture Floral Sculptures show.

Meet, Gaia!

I am, once again, tweaking.

I cannot help myself. I get an idea and, plink, the marble drops and I'm off messing with my websites.

All change ... meanwhile ...

Well, it got up to 32 yesterday and, could get up to 35 this afternoon! Looks like summer's here, Folks!

Had the most fantastic day out at our local park (10 hectares) the bois de Coulonge, which has been transformed with living plant sculptures like a huge safari park.

The first time the Moisacultures 2022 is here, instead of Montreal. So we spent the last 3 hours wandering all the exhibits. And now? I need a nap. 😆

US Politics 

The US Supreme Court has spoken, women have NO right to choose for themselves.

America has become a joke … a very sad, sick, joke. Land of the free? I don’t think so.

Happy Midsummer everyone. In celebration of possibly 3 days of sunshine, enjoy this peony bloom!

Ah, another day of heavy overcast skies and steady rain ... so, of course, it's time to share some flowers with you all!

Just finished tarting up my writer's website with a new theme. If anyone is interested in taking a look or having a read.

It was too good to last, 2 days was it. We're back to heavy overcast skies and a promise of rain (again).

Sigh! So here's another cheerful flower for you all.

Second sunny day in a row and I could almost believe we might have a summer. Thankfully, regardless of the weather, the flowers continue to bloom.

Will be off out to the local park this afternoon, as the sun is shining in a perfectly blue sky today. So hope to get some new flower shots to share with you.

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