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Do "snackers" at the cinema drive you nuts?

All right vs. alright:

"It's all right to feel alright about that extra cookie you ate."

It's another blustery day outside, and maybe I'll get out for a walk to see what flowers are growing in everyone's gardens. But, till then, here's a

The weather's a little wild and windy, but so far, dry. Here's wishing everyone a fab weekend.

Just finished a calming cup of mint tea, and looking at the weather outside (rain again) so it must be time to cheer myself up with flowers ...

I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore books sometime in February when I counted how many books were on the coffee table awaiting me. But ...

But, I went and did it anyway.

Another overcast day of possible rain and storms, so it must be time to share another peony bloom with you all.

Monday morning, and the sun is out, the storms of the weekend have passed, and the world is looking lush and green.

Time for another beautiful

Another crazy weird art installing has appeared in the city, this one near the marina ... I'm told it glows in the dark too!

Soof course, when I buy a load of plants for my balcony garden, the weather will turn violent and stormy. More poor geraniums and begonias have lost a lot of flowers! 😕

A contrary Saturday here today, one minute blustery, the next it's peeing down, followed by blue skies and a gentle breeze.

Today's photo, another wild

It's a Kate Bush kind of afternoon ... blasting out The Whole Story!

To dash away the gloomy stormy-filled skies, in the hope of a sunny weekend, here's today's flower photo.

As promised, I'm sharing the first in a series of I did over the last few years for various ezines and websites.

Check out and author Colleen Gleason.

For the and amongst us, would anyone be interested if I post a series of over on my blog?

The genres covered fall across crime fiction and .

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