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The return of California's butterflies | BBC News

> Some of California's iconic butterflies, including the monarch, have been on the verge of extinction. But the efforts of conservationists to protect them may now be showing positive results.

(1'33" video)

#wildlife #animals #environment #nature #US #California #butterflies

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This is one of the most spectacular sunsets I ever saw while working at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile.

The Atacama Desert is extremely dry, but clouds do show up sometimes. That day there were several dark clouds releasing very light rain that vaporised before reaching the ground. These wispy veils (called "virga") were lit by the golden sunset light, creating a lovely contrast with the blue sky above.

#astronomy #astrophotography

I defy you to watch Chasing Coral a documentary on Netflix about the loss of coral reefs in the last 4-5 years, and not be crying (sobbing) by the end.

Because this is it. This is the Canary in the coal mine. There is no recovery.

When they’re extinct, we’re extinct.

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Issac is trying again to urgently reconect the faulty colapser after being drinking for hours in despair.
But this last futile repair attemp will make him regret saving a few bucks in his ship yearly revisions.

#scifi #scifiart #spaceship #space

Happy everyone. I've finished my chores, done the shopping, now it's time to go surfing and maybe write a bit.

Here's a palate cleaners for you before I go.

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So ... I'm trying to verify my website (as per Mastodon instructions) and ... I obviously misread something as I don't have the little green check mark ... yet.


Where exactly am I supposed to put this rel="me" link again?

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The line of rock salt is thick and unbroken, running round the tiny metropolis in swirls and sigils that confuse the eye. Ants are brushing antennae against the first bulwark.
The #mage lights a taper. "Are you sure?"
I nod. "I need an army."

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Here is a painting I finished in Procreate to celebrate the year of the tiger. I've been trying to push the colors in my work to have more vibrancy much like an impressionist work.

This year I've been working on meditation, and the calm water seemed a perfect setting to welcome the new year.

I posted a video of the full painting process here.

#Tiger #BigCat #AnimalArtist #Procreate #DigitalArt

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@mike I just put it together in my brain that you probably did science advising work on the Loki show! I don't know if you had input on the black holes at the end of time when they meet He Who Remains, but I loved that!

I finished reading the very good GATED PREY by Lee Goldberg yesterday.

It's book 3 in the Eve Ronin series. 10/10

It's Friday (again? how's that possible?) And the sun is shining in a blue sky. What more could we ask for, except, maybe, ?

I'm sharing with you today!

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It's #ThreadThursdays! Do you know what an X-ray binary is?

An X-ray binary is one of the most common ways we see black holes and neutron stars, which are dead stars with extreme physics.

[Side note: Black holes and neutron stars together are called "compact objects" because at a macroscopic distance, they're more alike than different!]

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"THERE WAS NO LIGHT. That was precious knowledge. The realisation of which had cost her more than she would have thought possible.

Everything needs context. And for the darkness to mean anything there had to have been a memory of light.

The memory was fading fast.

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It's my #introduction time.

I'm a Portuguese #writers living in the UK. I write #scifi #sciencefiction and #fantasy #books with a bit of a #grimdark flair. When I'm not writing, I love #reading and discovering new #authors

I'm mostly here to talk about #writing and to make friends in the #WritingCommunity

Always feel free to follow and join

Okay, need some advice/opinions - when I post snippets of my do you want me to put it under a CW for those who won't be interested?

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Hello. It’s my third day and I should do a proper #introduction.

I’m Gabe from Australia. I design solutions for a living but I don’t want to talk about work here.

I’m going to post mostly about my other interests such as RPGs, drawing, TV and movies.

I draw fantasy & sci-fi stuff that’s related to RPGs usually. I’ll be posting my drawings here, old & new.

Here is an older drawing for a #MeetTheArtist challenge on Instagram in 2020. It’s still applicable.

#mastoart #fediart

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