@jackyan Indeed, it’s been a delight connecting and chatting on so many diverse subjects.

@jackyan Oh, ai know what you mean. I think this is why I love tech so much. The gadgets my dad use to have or build (ham radio), got me hooked too.

@jackyan Oh a great view of a fab garden and a double rainbow? Did you do the loto that day? 😜

@HooksandDragons Indeed, it’s a great way to recharge flat batteries watching the wildlife.

@pete @cheribaker Thanks for the feedback, Pete. I need to check it out, as this might be my next option.

@cheribaker @pete Oh, I need to make a note of that, as I’m thinking of shrinking down my footprint online, and this sounds like my kind of blogging platform. Thanks.

@cheribaker Thank you. I need to pull my finger out and get some more sections written. But you know what it’s like, so many projects, so little time. And too many distractions.

And by the way, I’m enjoying your chatty posts and observations. And love the name of your blog.

@Clianthus Yeah, my partner does the same when they hear me swearing about my latest read. That’s one of my pet peeves too. I really don’t understand this current trend to sub American for English spellings. It was not something we did when I worked in the business, so why now?

Publishers always use to have a standard style guide for the different territories. But then, so many editors have gone the way of the dinosaures, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all about the P&L bottom line.

@Clianthus I was incredibly lucky to get into the hospital and to get seen within an hour. It could have been so much worse. As is I got medicated, sent home within 5 hours, and have a follow up next week for tests.

So I count myself one of the lucky ones.

@SaceReads Oh, my deepest sympathies, I feel for you. 😳

@lfarnsworth Exactly, a much needed boost to energy and creative juices.

@HooksandDragons Having a PJ here for different reasons, and enjoying staring out the window just watching the day unfold.

Have a great weekend, Mrs. A!

@cheribaker By the way, if I may ask, do you write your posts in straight HTML, or do you use wordpress for you blog?

@cheribaker I'm loving your blog posts. Hope you're feeling a lot better today.

Birdsite v fedi 

@Handerson @simplicitarian @gaidhlig Yes, another one to kick the Birdsite to the curb. Brava.

@SaceReads Well, hello, and bonjour from the Frozen North (Canada).

@jackyan Well, a rainbow in the distance is a good reason to snap a pic of your neighbours garden, right? 😄

@jackyan For me too, I loved that we could suddenly connect with so many more people and cultures and talk about other lives and how we live.

It's important to understand everyone is different, as life is, for others. And embrace the good to help uplift others, not denigrate them.

@lfarnsworth @davidfm Definitely recommend walking outside once a day, if possible, even if it's just around your own neighbourhood for fresh air.

I find walking helps me sort out plot problems, better than staring at a blank screen.

@Clianthus By all means, rant away. I'm more than happy to chat about and discuss books anytime.

And always love me a good moan too.

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