I spent most of the day in the A&E yesterday and feel trashed today. Excuse me if I haven't answered you since Wednesday.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Had an awful night last night so need me a good pick me up, never mind a good coffee. So today’s photo is of one of my fav animals: jellies!

We're on are second day of rain, with rain forecast for the next two days, so I'd better find a cheery flower shot to share.

For those of you who love your coffee how about this one? And yes, it was delicious!

So it's been a crazy busy weekend and Monday dawned early as I had to go for my booster shot at 9 am!

I mean, come on people, I hadn't had my coffee. Anyway, here's me with my NEW CAR - I saw it at the mall!

Happy everyone. The sun is hiding behind clouds today and it's cooled off, thankfully, since yesterday's high.

So today's flower is a magnolia from the Botanical Gardens.

The Nth day in a row with sunshine and blue skies ... they say we're breaking records with the heat (30+ later today).

Another sunny day, today, and a projected high of 28 this afternoon. Perfect for flowers me thinks.

My OH just sent me this, they saw it over on the Birdsite and yes, eh, stole it!

Still on point.

Hump Day, the sun is still shining, the sky an azure blue, so it must be time for a flower (or two).

Another day of sunshine and blue skies here, and another flower for you.

Happy Monday everyone.

The sun is again shining, so here's another happy, sunny flower for you all!

Today, here in North America, it's Mother's Day.

So in honour of all mothers everywhere, here's some roses for you all!

Happy everyone. I've finished my chores, done the shopping, now it's time to go surfing and maybe write a bit.

Here's a palate cleaners for you before I go.

It's Friday (again? how's that possible?) And the sun is shining in a blue sky. What more could we ask for, except, maybe, ?

I'm sharing with you today!

So it's that time of morning, I've had my coffee, I'm ready to start writing but, before I do, here's today's peony photo. Enjoy!

A soft steady drizzle falling here coating everything in tiny water crystals. Perfect time to share another flower photo with you all.

Health update:
Out of bed, feeling better. Back on solids, and couch surfing a bit before jumping in to read THE CARTOGRAPHERS by Peng Shepherd ()

Happy Saturday everyone and, enjoy!

Feeling sick to my stomach today, so will cheer myself up with some colourful flower photos.

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