It's the first Friday of the month, which means, it's the Challenge.

Today's subject: SKY

I hope you join me every Friday in posting. Here's mine.

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@AlexW A few years ago I helped out a bunch of volunteers with a project and one of the 'things to do' was get a whole lot of photos which look much the same at thumbnail size, so the idea was to break each batch with a photo of sky so they could tell which group of photos were together. I never got around to deleting them... so here's a sky photo that just came out well.

@Daveosaurus This is one of those skies you can stare at for a long time and still see something new. Love it! Thanks for joining in.

@DaTenar An a small heart shaped pocket of blue in between those amazing clouds.

@jackyan Wow, I'd be libel to drive off the road from staring up at that blue ... 😄

Gorgeous by the way.

@AlexW It was the latest sky shot I had on my phone but I could have done better on my computer! 🙂

@jackyan It was certainly blue, and what a great view.


The sunset in real life was nicer but the colours in this photo make me think of a painting.

@Giagia This is a great silhouette, and I love the layering.

@AlexW Oh thank you so much! I got really lucky taking the snapshot. I happen to take pictures of this specific tree quite often, this was one I lucked into.

@Giagia Oh, I have favourite spots and trees I love to take pics of too. And yes, this one turned out great.

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