For those of you who have missed me, I am on day 6 of recovering from a pulled calf muscle and confined to the couch while healing takes place. All this during the hottest week on record, something I think we’re all suffering through. So here to cheer us all up is a flower photo!

@AlexW oh no, get well soon Alex! Hope it's not much longer until you are able to get out in the garden again and enjoy all the flowers.

@teapot_ben That's the hard part about being off my leg, not being able to get out and about with my camera in tow.

A couple more weeks and I hope things will be back to normal.

@AlexW hope everything stays in bloom until you are able to get out again!

@AlexW It's record-breaking hot here too. I will trade you some Colorado flowers.

@explorergrace Aww, those are gorgeous too. And yes, we saw how hot it's been in the US right now. You must have melted several times over.

Stay cool and hydrated.

@AlexW Hope you're healing well, thanks for the flowers pic!

@AlexW That sounds like a painful injury. I hope the healing goes well and you are back on your feet soon.

@Clianthus It's only day 8 and I've had enough of not being able to get around properly. So the prospect of this going on for 4-6 weeks is disheartening.

Fingers crossed things go well.

@AlexW Absolutely. I can relate (past injury that laid me up for weeks). Keeping my fingers crossed that things go well for you.

Hopefully you have lots of fabulous books to enjoy over this time.

@Clianthus To be honest the reading front has been slow going, I'm only a couple of chapters into one book and just can't get into anything at the moment.

Meanwhile, the calf muscle(s) are improving and I'm slowly getting about better. So sooner rather than later, I hope.

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