Hello Fediverse, I’m Pete and I’m back on the Writing Exchange! I’m an avid reader and aspiring author, hardcore minimalist, and eclectic husband to my beautiful wife — who clearly has a lot of patience to put up with my quirks. I come alive in fall and winter, hibernate in summer, and function normally all year long with copius amounts of coffee. I also have a deep love of analogue tools and workflows, despite being a tech fanatic. Feel free to follow me here and on my blog.



@pim Oh, you changed online countries? :D

What's it like there? :blobcockatiel:

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@AlexW Writing Exchange is great! I actually had an account here previously but had quit Mastodon and deleted it, so it’s good to be back again.

@pim It sounds like a place I should be hanging out. But, of course, I have no idea how I would move and would then fret about losing all my current followers.

Was it easy to move?

@AlexW It was dead simple, I just followed the instructions here:


Long story short:
1. Make sure you download the CSV files from the export section (you can’t bring toots over unfortunately)
2. Your new account needs to have an alias setup to reference the old one
3. On the old account, you enter the handle and domain of the new one, enter the old account’s password, then click “move followers”
4. Import your CSVs and setup the new account

@pim Ha! Ha! Perfectly simple if you understand the instructions. I'll go take a look at the provided link and have a think about whether or not to move.

Not that it probably makes any difference which instance I'm on. But I do like the sound of the handle. :D

@pim That’s so cool how you still show up as a follow of mine when you switched over. Huge bonus for Mastodon and the Fediverse. I’m hoping Pleroma devs can do the same.
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