Just finished tarting up my writer's website with a new theme. If anyone is interested in taking a look or having a read.

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@cheribaker Well, that's all thanks to the Zuki theme. I love how clean it looks, and might implement this across all my websites.

@AlexW The theme looks nice ... clear and no-nonsense.

But please help me: Where can I find your two "old" (?) serials? The Space Patrol and the Judge (if I am not mistaken)?

@kiwi2002 Oops, need to add back the links to those ... you can find them here:

@kiwi2002 Great!
Also, will have more entries coming when I start my holidays in July!

@explorergrace It just looks so smart and clean, right? So please with my investment.

@pete It’s a gorgeous theme and really adaptable and smart typography. A great investment.

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