Will be off out to the local park this afternoon, as the sun is shining in a perfectly blue sky today. So hope to get some new flower shots to share with you.

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@AlexW I don't know why I didn't see your lovely photos before Alex, I will search them out. My first name is Giselle by the way, I just stuck with the username that I'd gone with before. Over on the other site that we won't speak of if we don't have to... LOL.

@Giagia Bonjour Giselle, I'm an Alexandra but everyone shortens it to Alex.

And only too happy to share my passion for flowers with anyone who's interested. And if there's anything you like, I can always send you a digital copy. Okay?

@AlexW Aw, that's so kind of you! Nice to meet you Alexandra, enchantée!
I'm learning French at the moment, I probably already said.
It must be pretty challenging to live in a French speaking environment. I still haven't tried Duolingo's podcast again, I dipped my toes ages ago and couldn't understand a thing. Big disappointment. It's the little sounds (like "en" when you don't expect it) that could mean anything. And often does...

@Giagia Bonjour, or, I should say, bonne apre midi. I've never tried Duolingo to be honest.

I"m better at learning one on one, and took conversational French lessons with a personal tutor. I'll be doing that again (soon) as I learn better that way. Maybe then, we can also chat in French!!!

@AlexW A personal tutor sounds wonderful. Getting told just why a verb agrees with the subject when it clearly looks like it shouldn't, or why the heck "on" is sometimes treated as plural when it's singular!, would be so helpful.
If you ever hear good tips about the plural "on", please let me know!

@Giagia Indeed, the whole point of learn conversational French is that it get's you up to speed quickly, In that you start learning phrases and context, and it's not about getting bogged down in masculine or feminine, or verbs.

It's about "talking".

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