I have a washi tape addiction ...

I'll just throw this out there.

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@AlexW Goes well with a journal and pen addiction 😇

@Dananner Oh, good to know I have a fellow addict! 😜

@praleen Ha! Ha! I'll have to get around to snapping some photos.

@AlexW I had to look this up!

Might have to avoid it if itʼs potentially dangerous in the cuteness department! 😁

@jackyan Oh, it's cute and then some. And totally addictive. And you get idiots like me who buy and then, never use because of the cute factor. Doh!

The addiction goes well with the other accompanying addiction to journals and pens. 😄

@AlexW I know the feeling. I still have stationery from the 1970s! Thereʼs a rubber on my desk from my childhood that Iʼm still using!

@jackyan There are some things worth hanging onto and these are just some of them. But I am impressed you still have a rubber from childhood. Now that's an achievement.

@jackyan Dang, I remember these. And yes in colourful superhero style wrappers (Pokemon?) IDK, that's what sticks in my mind.

@AlexW It was some sort of Japanese warrior, but many decades before Pokémon. I never figured out who it was. My parents bought it while we were still in HK, and after we emigrated, there was no one I could ask here who would know.

@jackyan Wow, an antique, and a keepsake, and a little piece of history too. What a shame you never found out about the wrapper.

@AlexW I probably should have taken a photo before we discarded the wrapper. But it was very worn.

@jackyan We never think about things like that, but now, in retrospect, you would still have that memory.

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