Given the lively conversation going on about brewing a good cup of tea, today's post is, funnily enough, about tea!

The Gentle Art Of Brewing The Perfect Cup of Tea!

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@AlexW Very timely post, indeed. It also made me realize I was missing your blog in my RSS feeds, which I’ve now rectified.

@pete I wrote it just after we started chatting back and forth about tea. 😜 Thought it timely.

@AlexW I’m one of those who make all tea the same way and boil water lol. I didn’t think it would make much difference but after reading you I’ll start paying attention to seep times and gentle boils.

Only issue is I can’t hear so I watch the spout for steam shooting out when it boils so I’ll need to experiment and sort how to detect before it boils. I could take the small lid off the kettle but but I’d prefer to avoid steaming my tiny camper ; ).

@ray I'll be a happy tea drinker if I can persuade you to experiment, Ray, and end up making you a tea convert. I'm sure you'll enjoy your cuppa better for just taking a minute extra to watch the water. 😀

@AlexW Haw! Curious, why is boiling water a no-no for tea?

@ray Like burning a stake, or over heating any food item, rapidly boiled water damages quality tea leaves and can release a bitter taste (tannins). And besides, my gran told me, never, never boil your water and we all know, granny is always right! 😜

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