Heavy weather again, today, with last night's storm(s) lingering along with some nasty humidity. It feels like the minute the snow stopped at the end of March we've had nothing but rain since! 😬

This is what QC should look like

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@AlexW 😬

I hope it passes soon and you get a bit of a break.

@explorergrace While the rain did stop, it’s been heavy all day. Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer.

@explorergrace Annnnnd ...

Nope, it's been raining since we got up. And you, hope the weather's better where you are.

@AlexW Booo.

No, the weather isn't quite as bad as it has been, but of course it is just bad enough to prevent me from flying this weekend. 😕

I realise this is a trememdously "First World Problem" and I shall sulk and get over myself shortly.

@explorergrace Yeah, we moan about what are a minor inconvenience for us, it could always be worse. And so, I’m thankful I live where I do.

Hope you get up flying soon.

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