We’re in the weather … 😳 Tornado warning in effect!

@jackyan Thanks, Jack, the worst has passed but it’s so humid at the moment.

@jackyan We had bands of thunderstorms pass through throughout the night.

Not much better this morning, still dark, heavy, with intermittent heavy downpours.

@AlexW We had a bunch here last week. Is it normal for you this time of year?

@jackyan Not this early in the season, no. But not uncommon either. But I'm betting we'll be seeing these more often than not from here on out.

@simplicitarian Still here, but it’s soooo heavy out there, I’m sure there’s more to come.

@AlexW Stay safe, I’ve seen some scary videos and photos of these storms already.

@pete We survived, thanks, Pete. The worst have moved through.

@AlexW Meanwhile we didn’t even get a single drop here. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Kind of wish we had, it would’ve helped cut through the humidity which is still rampant.

@pete Be thankful you didn’t. It didn’t get any cooler, and the damage is, once again, epic. Downed trees in just 20 mins of wild weather.

@AlexW True, there are still people recovering from that last one that ripped through.

@pete I just hope those affected didn’t get hurt, as we’ve all had enough crazy weather so far this year.

@AlexW Oh no. Hope you're somewhere safe to ride it out.

@debe We were all safe, thankfully. Pity anyone who had to go out in that last night. It was awful.

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