We watched the last episode of last night and ... jesus, mary and the wee donkey ... This is NOT the story I remember Asimov writing, but hey, it has been 40 yrs since I read the book.


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@AlexW I feel like many of the changes were required to adapt the books to modern television, but that last twist sure feels like it was just put there to mess with people who had actually read the books.

Having read the series, and not really enjoying the books (Asimov did big stories but lack empathy with his characters), I wondered why was even adapted for TV, as it doesn't really lend itself to the small screen.

Which brings us to all the changes. I would probably love this show if I had NOT read the books. But, as it is, I was left wondering why not go for something completely original?

@AlexW The usual Hollywood reason is a desire to reduce perceived risk by tying on a familiar name.

Other times it is some executive looking at the competition, deciding they need something similar, and going with the first thing they recognize.

@jbowtie Oh, indeed, I understand the need to cash in on Asimov’s name to sell a product.

@Dananner Deviated? It took a whole other turn at junction 13! Ha! Ha! But seriously, I understand the need for dramatic TV. But at what point does source material become a footnote? 😜

@AlexW like I, Robot - it only shares a name.

I stopped watching Foundation after Episode 3 because I was like WTF, that’s not in the book.

Same with the last season of Game of Thrones. Totally off the rails.

@AlexW books even. I was a HUGE Asimov fan and slogged through all of them.

@Dananner The thing is, it was a series of stories held together by the fact they were galaxy-spanning. So yeah, nothing like the TV show.

This was not the source material to make into a TV show.

@Dananner Well, we did persist through to the bitter end, and some of it was interesting. Like the fact Cleon is now 3 clones, and everyone changed sex and became woman. That was fun.

And GoT? Never watched it. I might be the only person who didn't.

@Dananner @AlexW I hadn't read the Foundation books, and maybe that's why I was able to enjoy the series. It's always risky to see a film adaptation of a book you love. So much doesn't translate.

@cheribaker @AlexW I’m ok if I know it’s a not true to source adaptation but I don’t recall any warning that Apple’s adaptation would deviate more than genderswapping some characters

@Dananner @cheribaker I guess if I had know likewise, beforehand, then maybe I might have been less frustrated and a little less confused. 😜

@AlexW @Dananner We need a “how close is it to the book” rating. 😂

@cheribaker @Dananner Oh, you nailed it. We should start something here.

One book - poor
Two books - okay
Three books - good
Four books - very good
Five books - nailed it

@AlexW @Dananner I haven’t watched American Gods yet. But I’d give The Expanse 4 books, and the new Dune movie 4 books as well. Ready Player 1? 1 book.

@cheribaker @Dananner Oh, I agree with you about DUNE and The Expanse. Both were outstanding in honouring source material.

And Ready Player 1? I saw the movie, which was okay. But haven't read the book, so don't know. I'm guessing the movie did a hatchet job on the book then?

@cheribaker @AlexW I guess it depends on your view of the source material. I liked the movie of Ready Player One better than the book.

@Dananner @cheribaker Yes, there is that, where the actual show/movie turns out better than the book. But I think it's rare.

@AlexW @cheribaker usually! The rule in this house is book first. My DD was so mad about the Percy Jackson movies. We have higher hopes for the show.

@cheribaker @AlexW same with Hunger Games and divergent series. However, apparently “The Fault in Our Stars” was spot on for her.

@Dananner @cheribaker Now, again, for me, the movies were just ok viewing as far as SF or Fantasy goes. Esp as I hadn't read the books.

I think shows made from popular YA books are the hardest because the fans want the book done verbatim.

@cheribaker @AlexW YA who read are especially critical because they call out bad storytelling on screen like you wouldn’t believe!

@AlexW @cheribaker not so much the verbatim- but taking a favorite character and making them unrecognizable… watch out

@Dananner @cheribaker Yeah, I'm with you on the read the book first, and understand the source material. And I can be pretty forgiving (at times) with shows, but when they blow it?

Oh, I haven't read any of the Percy Jackson books, but again, I heard a lot of peeps saying they were unhappy.

I guess there is no pleasing everyone.

@cheribaker @AlexW especially teenagers who are very protective of the authors that got them reading.

@Dananner @cheribaker
Exactly. I know what my nieces were like seeing movies made of their fav reads and tut tutting that the movie was trash.

For me it's when, as you say, change and make characters unrecognisable or simply create new ones to fit the need.

@AlexW @cheribaker @Dananner Ready Player One was a fantastic read, well worth it. Haven’t read the sequel but I’ve heard it was very disappointing, unfortunately.

@pete @cheribaker @Dananner I've heard mixed reviews about both books, some liked one and hated 2, and a few friends just felt book 1 was okay but nothing special.

We all have our favourites.

@AlexW @cheribaker @Dananner Very true, I’m still going to read the second book at some point and make my judgement then. I feel like I’m the black sheep that was disappointed by the new Dune movie. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Maybe I’m getting crusty in my middle age.

@pete @cheribaker @Dananner I think the important thing is to read a book and form our own opinions.

I know I have a very different take on books others love.

Oh, I was really happy with the movie of Dune and thoroughly enjoyed what Denis Villeneuve did. I'm a huge fan of his work.

@Dananner @pete @cheribaker

I love his work, he has great artistic vision, and such attention to tiny details. The same as Luc Besson.

@pete @cheribaker @AlexW I watched that Jupiter movie just for the visuals 😂

@AlexW @cheribaker @pete whoops. I mean Valerian!

And The Professional is one of my all time favorite movies (I know everyone loves 5th Element, but I’ll take The Professional over that one)

@Dananner @pete @cheribaker That Jupiter movie?! Ha! Ha!

I really enjoyed Valerian, it was pure escapist fun, like, of course The 5th Element. My all time fav movie.

@Dananner @AlexW @cheribaker Don’t get me wrong, the visuals were astounding. It just fell short on the plot and pacing for me, and that’s where I just feel like I missed something.

And then there’s the soundtrack… 🤯

@pete @AlexW @cheribaker pacing for me was fine as the first installment…

@AlexW @cheribaker @pete my bf kept comparing to the 1984 version with more of the story told. And the pronunciation of Harkonnen

@Dananner @cheribaker @pete
I've found a lot of people get hung up on pronunciation. There's a big divide with how a Brit like me might pronounce something and an American.

Some would say: Har Ko Non
Others: Harko Non
And: Hark O nen

Ah, linguistics is fun.

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@Dananner @pete @cheribaker Again, I think expectation and perception play a role. I was happy with the movie as I knew what to expect. That there would be a lot of storytelling and long vista shots, and then, explosive moments too.

@pete @Dananner @cheribaker Yes, it's true, a few have said they felt the pacing was slow for them and they were expecting more.

And to be honest, I don't remember there being anything that irked me about the soundtrack, but then, I think I was just fully engrossed in the movie.

@AlexW @cheribaker @Dananner I want to watch Dune again and see if it grows on me. I feel like I’m missing something, especially since I’m a huge fan of the novel.

@Dananner @cheribaker @pete While visually that had the creds, the soundtrack just destroyed the movie. Reduced it to an ear-deafening load of junk!

Screeching histrionics.

@pete @cheribaker @Dananner Maybe you weren't in the right headspace, Pete. But a second viewing is always worth it. I know some movies need a second and third viewing sometimes, to catch the nuance.

@AlexW @cheribaker @Dananner I haven’t felt in the right headspace for quite some time now, so you’re not wrong. Kind of wish I’d held off watching until there wasn’t so much on my physical and emotional plate. Will give it another try, though.

@pete @cheribaker @Dananner Yeah, it's tough to enjoy a good read or watch something, esp when things are going on and we're distracted by all the craziness going on in the world.

Hope you find some space to just hang out for a couple of hours.

@cheribaker @Dananner
It wasn't that I didn't love it, but it was confusing when you are expecting XYZ and get ABC instead.

There was a certain level of adjustment needed. At least I know what to expect for S2.

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