The sun is out, it's blustery, and I'm wondering if I should put a jacket on to go for a walk?

It's 16 degrees outside!

Glorious day out there, today. A hot, balmy 29 (34 with humidex) and crystal blue skies and no breeze. Perfect for taking photos.

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@AlexW A few years ago I helped out a bunch of volunteers with a project and one of the 'things to do' was get a whole lot of photos which look much the same at thumbnail size, so the idea was to break each batch with a photo of sky so they could tell which group of photos were together. I never got around to deleting them... so here's a sky photo that just came out well.

It's the first Friday of the month, which means, it's the Challenge.

Today's subject: SKY

I hope you join me every Friday in posting. Here's mine.

A quiet, cool afternoon, with big white fluffy clouds filling the endless blue ... The sparrows are remarkably quiet. Siesta time!

Another humid Monday and rain and thundershowers forecast all week long ... so definitely time to share more colourful flowers, right?

It's Friday and I've missed a few days posting my flower shot, so I bet dig out something good for you today!

For those of you who have missed me, I am on day 6 of recovering from a pulled calf muscle and confined to the couch while healing takes place. All this during the hottest week on record, something I think we’re all suffering through. So here to cheer us all up is a flower photo!

Ah, we're back to the rain again today and some idiot is mowing the grass ... yes, well, my ray of sunshine is another flower photo for you to enjoy!

Had a fantastic day out at the Floral Sculpture show here, in our local gardens. So many flowers on display. Will posts some shots later on my photo blog!

Well, the weather's changed (again) we have a continuous sheet of rain falling at a steady pace. Though it might clear later today. So today's flower is bright and cheery!

Well, the weather has turned stormy again, and we're expecting showers all day today. So let's cheer me up with another flower photo.

Well, Sunday morning is almost gone here, in my part of the world. It's bright, sunny but blustery. A perfect day for a walk.

Well it's late Saturday and I'm sporting a new haircut. So this calls for a floral tribute, right?

Bonus flower photo ... the peony beds have finished flowering for the season. sniff! sniff!

Slightly overcast today, but mild and probably perfect weather to go to the Botanical Gardens this afternoon. Today's flower is another peony.

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