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So people know who I am and what I do, here’s my

I’m an ex-pat Brit living in Canada who’s done a lot of travelling, some through work. I’m ex-military, and while I have done quite a few jobs over the years, I’ve mostly worked in the & trade. Now retired (health) I’m free to indulge any number of hobbies, including , , and . Also big-time nerd.

For more on my writing, check out:

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@Taniwha2point0 Have a search for the hashtag #NZTwits and you’ll find other Kiwis. It was first adopted with the big migration on April 25. I found heaps of great people. Check out wonderful people like @AlexW in Canada, @JaneH, @heyrochelle, @Br3nda, @davidgarywood, @kumararepublic (I know IRL), @pkboi, @kiwiguy, @happyfishmedia, @mangetout, and @phil_tanner, who has made a lot of people feel at home here. Hope these links work! Apologies for anyone I missed!

I spent most of the day in the A&E yesterday and feel trashed today. Excuse me if I haven't answered you since Wednesday.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

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Another photo?

"Shroud & Reveal"

(Tower of Babel, Alberta)

Had an awful night last night so need me a good pick me up, never mind a good coffee. So today’s photo is of one of my fav animals: jellies!

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Another photo?

"Wish I were there ..."
(Lake Wakatipu, NZ)

I'm confused why a friend is happy to visit to look (and comment) on my photos but doesn't want to come to my blog, where they are also posted.

Why is my blog too much trouble yet, instagram isn't? 🙄

We're on are second day of rain, with rain forecast for the next two days, so I'd better find a cheery flower shot to share.

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I have a new #book coming out! My friend Panos and I collaborated on his autobiography last year and itʼs being released Thursday week!

For those of you who love your coffee how about this one? And yes, it was delicious!

So it's been a crazy busy weekend and Monday dawned early as I had to go for my booster shot at 9 am!

I mean, come on people, I hadn't had my coffee. Anyway, here's me with my NEW CAR - I saw it at the mall!

Sorry folks @pete @cheribaker @Dananner I have to bug out for a meet with family in 30 mins.

A BIG thank you to you for hanging out and chatting movies and books . I really had a blast. :laserkiwi: 😎

Happy everyone. The sun is hiding behind clouds today and it's cooled off, thankfully, since yesterday's high.

So today's flower is a magnolia from the Botanical Gardens.

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Politics, social media 

Social media’s contribution to a fragmented society is nothing new, but an article in The Atlantic really illuminated for me how destructive it has been and how susceptible people (myself included) are to “othering” those who do not hold the same values.

Although I would say the extreme right is more destructive than the extreme left.

#politics #extremism #socialcapital

So, is just a very bad updating of The Stepford Wives?

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Just a fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra) for your Friday.
I haven't explored Mastodon as much as I planned, because unfortunately some of the negative aspects of Twitter remain here too. I guess we're all just humans here trying to communicate in short sentences and I'm very tired of that.

But thanks for all the nice feedback about my art, folks! I think I will not make this platform a daily habit, but drop by when I feel like it. :artpaw:
#mastoart #scienceillustration #watercolor

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#FollowFriday recs! ⬇️

@asrivkin - a #DART mission investigation team lead. Meaning Andy loves #asteroids, and also loves throwing spacecraft at asteroids

@sundogplanets - an astronomer + a goat farmer. Sam studies debris disks (kinda like the Kuiper belt in the Solar System) and talks about the problems with #Starlink

@xxyxxyart - Joel is an artist who makes little clay astronauts, aliens, dinosaurs, and more. I can personally attest to the quality of his creations (of which I have several!)

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